The total experience in just one day

Experience Uppsala in 24 hours

Uppsala, close to everything, is the perfect destination for even a short visit and with a little planning, you can make one day in Uppsala into a total experience. The web editors have put together an agenda for exploring the city in 24-hours.


09:00 A good start with a taste of Rome

With a scent of Italy, espresso and freshly baked bread, the Stationen café, Rom, opens its doors early every morning. Here you can eat breakfast while reading the morning paper and enjoy one of the café’s many varieties of coffee.

10.00 Shop ’til you drop

In the city centre you’ll find a wonderful mix of shops and malls, filled with good shopping. Stroll along the popular pedestrian street where most of the city’s fashionable malls and chain stores are located, or visit the cute little shops in the cobblestone cultural district by the river. Trendy, unique and charming, you’ll find something for all tastes. Shopping tips can be found under Shopping.

12:00 Lunch at Hambergs Fisk

If you like shellfish and seafood, this is a treat for the stomach and soul. Hambergs Fisk is one of Uppsala’s most popular seafood restaurants and is also included in the White Guide. The menu changes with the season but is always of top quality.

13:00 A remarkable story

Uppsala bears traces of many famous people and events. In a few hours you can familiarize yourself with important places in Uppsala. Experience Uppsala Cathedral, which is the oldest Gothic cathedral in the Nordic region, the castle that Gustav Vasa built, Prince Hall where the sons of Oscar I lived, and more. You can read more about Uppsala’s attractions in Uppsala’s definite must-sees.

15:00 A royal coffee break at Güntherska Hovkonditoriet

Güntherska is an authentic bakery with one of the city’s best outdoor cafés, situated next to Årummet park. The variety of pastries, sandwiches and other food is great and you can enjoy fresh pastries with a steaming cup of coffee while curled up in one of the cosy corners of the bakery shop.

16:00 Galleries, art and culture

If you are interested in culture you have come to the right place. In Uppsala there are galleries, art museums and other art venues that you will not want to miss. In the city’s various galleries you can enjoy paintings, handicraft and photographs. In the box, you can find more information about Uppsala’s cultural offerings under “Uppsala – a city of culture“.

19:30 Summarize the day over an Asian crossover

The U.S. meets Asia – in the centre of Uppsala. On the top floor of the market hall, overlooking the Fyris River, is Jay Fu’s, an American steakhouse with an Asian touch. This “Amasian steakhouse” is an experience as regards both the interior and the food. The restaurant is listed in the White Guide.

22:00 Nightcap

Behind Uppsala Travel Centre lies the arch-shaped hotel Radisson Blu. The restaurant, Picnic, has a popular bar area that has become a natural meeting place for socializing until 2:00 both on weekdays and at weekends.