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Destinationuppsala.se is Uppsala’s official visitor’s guide online. The site is owned by Destination Uppsala AB, whose main task is to sell and market Uppsala.

How do you share your views?

For us, nothing is more important than what you, the users, think of us, Uppsala and our website. You can share your views on destinationuppsala.se in many ways. If you want to share your experiences and opinions, do so by commenting on the content on the website under the “Comments” section. You can also send your comments to us via email to: webmaster-duab@uppsala.se.

What you can do to get your business mentioned on destinationuppsala.se

What you can do to get your business mentioned on destinationuppsala.se
All texts on our site are editorial in the same way as in a travel magazine. We welcome your suggestions and ideas on what visitors think we should write more about. In the newsroom we make an independent selection based on our target groups’ interests. If you are organizing an event, you can send us an e-mail: pagang@uppsala.se


The copyright to the content on this site is held by Destination Uppsala, which reserves all rights. If you want to use any information, always contact Destination Uppsala and state the link as the source.
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The content on this site is editorial. This means that the information that is submitted through tips or recommendations is subject to review and possible editing. The editorial staff at destinationuppsala.se have total responsibility for the selection and presentation of information that is registered and presented on the website. The information is processed in accordance with these guidelines:

  • The information shall be assessed as interesting for visitors to Uppsala.
  • Information of a totally local nature will not be published.
  • Information that might be considered offensive or contains racist or sexist messages will be deleted.
  • The information shall as far as possible be concise and objective.
  • Information of international concern aimed at foreign visitors, as well as information of national interest aimed at Swedish visitors, shall have priority.

By contributing information through our forms for events or through comments you agree to allow Destination Uppsala to distribute the information to its partners and that the information may be used by Destination Uppsala and its partners to promote Uppsala as a travel destination. Event information that you recommend may be used by Destination Uppsala and its partners in printed materials as well as for publication on the web.

Personal information

Destination Uppsala’s goal is that all individuals whose personal data is processed by us can always be assured that their privacy will be respected and that his/her personal data will always be handled with care.

Destination Uppsala will comply with national data protection laws, for example the Privacy Act, governing the collection and use of data relating to individuals (personal data).

Personal data, including data such as names and addresses, which you provide to Destination Uppsala, will be processed manually as well as by computer. The personal information you provide will be processed in order to provide you with the information and services you request as well as for marketing purposes and for monitoring sales and/or product development.

Under the Privacy Act you have the right to access and correct your personal information. Destination Uppsala will as far as possible respect this right in order to meet its legal obligations.


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