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Souvenirs and gift ideas from Uppsala

When wandering the charming streets of Uppsala, there’s an undeniable allure that captures the hearts of visitors. And what better way to remember your time here than by taking home a piece of Uppsala with you? Souvenir shopping can also be a perfect opportunity to find a gift for a loved one. Here are some examples of souvenirs and gifts that encapsulate the spirit of Uppsala.

Fasaden på Gamla Uppsala Museum

Viking Candy

Gamla Uppsala is one of Scandinavia’s most famous Viking sites – make sure to visit Gamla Uppsala Museum during your stay! The museum shop is well stocked with various crafts and beautiful objects, ranging from home decor to jewelry. One of the more unique souvenir items is Viking candy from the brand Viking Sweets, delectable treats that offers a delicious glimpse into the culinary delights of ancient Scandinavia.

Find it here: Gamla Uppsala Museum

Paraply med tryck från Uppsala Universitet

Photo: Uppsala Universitet

Umbrella with Pattern from the University Building

Stay dry in style with an umbrella adorned with the intricate patterns inspired by Uppsala University’s iconic buildings. Practical yet fashionable, this accessory is a must-have for navigating the sometimes unpredictable Swedish weather with ease.

Find it here: The museum shop of university library Carolina Rediviva

Muggar med Uppsala-tryck

"Lagom" Coffee and Uppsala Printed Mug

Embrace the Swedish concept of “lagom” (meaning to have just the right amount of something) with a perfectly balanced cup of coffee from a local coffee roaster Uppsala Kafferosteri. Pair it with an Uppsala printed enamel mug – and sip your favorite brew while reminiscing about your time spent exploring the city’s quaint cafes.

Find it here: Lagom Coffee available at Arrenius & Company, Chocolat and selected local grocery stores. Other places to buy coffee or tea is Bönor & Blad, and Tehörnan. The mug is available in the Mamsell K store, which also offers other souvenirs.

Illustrerade blommor

Flower Cards or Posters from Linnaeus Garden

Capture the beauty of Linnaeus Garden, the oldest botanical garden in Sweden, with a set of flower cards featuring stunning botanical illustrations. Each card is a work of art that celebrates the city’s natural splendor.

Find it here: The shops of Linnaeus Garden in Uppsala city center, Linnaeus Hammarby, Botanical Garden and Carolina Rediviva.

närbild på tornet av Uppsala domkyrka

Uppsala Cathedral Tea Blend

Savor the soothing flavors of Uppsala Cathedral Tea Blend, crafted to evoke the tranquility and serenity of this architectural marvel. Perfect for cozying up with a good book or sharing with friends over meaningful conversations. If you don’t have the opportunity to bring edible items in your luggage, there are also lots of other beautiful items in the cathedral shop, such as cards, snow globes, bookmarks and more.

Find it here: The Cathedral shop inside Uppsala Cathedral


Vintage Design Items

Looking for a more sustainable alternative to the usual array of souvenirs? Uncover hidden gems with vintage design and step into one of Uppsala’s many great vintage shops and second-hand stores. Here, you can find Swedish design classics, rare books, and one-of-a-kind fashion items.

Find it here: Uppsala’s vintage and second-hand stores

En pappfigur av barnbokskaraktären Pelle Svanslös i en bokhandel

Peter No-Tail Children's Book

For the little ones in your life! Enter the fantastic world of the Peter No-Tail, a beloved children’s book character. The classic stories of the kind cat are written by Uppsala writer Gösta Knutsson and set in his hometown. They make a great gift, as these enchanting tales will spark imagination and bring joy for generations to come.

Find it here: Läslusen or other Uppsala book store

List: more places to shop for souvenirs

Souvenir shops in Uppsala

The museum shops in the city

  • The Botanical Garden
  • Tropical Greenhouse
  • Bror Hjorths Hus
  • Carolina Rediviva
  • Gamla Uppsala museum
  • The Cathedral Store in Uppsala Cathedral
  • The Linnaeus Garden
  • Linnés Hammarby, Upplandsmuseet, Uppsala Art Museum

Stores with souvenirs from Uppsala and Sweden

  • Mamsell K
  • Lilla Japan
  • Läslusen
  • Tehörnan
  • Åhléns
  • Selected Pressbyrån stores in Uppsala

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