Uppsala - Hometown of Peter-No-Tail

Have you looked at the cat that doesn’t have a tail? Can you imagine a worse insult to a cat? But in Uppsala it has rather got the tone of a compliment, because in Uppsala and throughout Sweden, Peter-No-Tail (Pelle Svanslös) is a much-loved figure. The storys around Peter and the other cats in the neighborhood around Åsgränd are fond childhood memories for many. And there is a place in the hearts of many even for Mean Mike (Elaka Måns) and his faithful sidekicks Bill & Bull.

In Uppsala you can find many traces of Peter and his friends. Check out some of them in this list!


Visit the finest playground in the country?

In Carolinaparken, housed between the educational institutions English Park and Carolina Rediviva, is a portal to Peter-No-Tails magical world. Some call it Sweden’s finest playground. Here you can experience the all famous places and figures from the books – Peter’s cellar and attic, Old Maya’s cathedral tower, Batong’s office and Råttström’s pastry are some of the well-known highlights. One thing is for sure, your children will never want to go home again.

pelle svanslös

Swing by the catwalk

In Uppsala, we do not only plan for people and vehicles. A stone’s throw from the playground, at the intersection Övre Slottsgatan/Drottninggatan, is Sweden’s only crossing point for cats. A block away on Åsgränd is another Peter-No-Tail tribute, but it is requires a keen eye to discover. In a small basement window in the wall, curious children can get an insight into Peter and Maya’s home.

Pelle Svanslös lekplats i Uppsala

Take a walking guide

Uppsala as a city is as important a character in the Pelle Svanslös books as all the iconic cats in the books. Here, Peter fell in love  with the adorable Molly Cream-Nose and avoided Mean Mike and his companions Bill and Bull. During GO Adventure’s city walk, you visit many of these familiar places and hear both known and unknown anecdotes about the country’s most beloved cat.

Fasadmålning Pelle & Maja  på Påvel Snickares gränd i Uppsala

Peter & Molly wall mural at Påvel Snickares alley

Peter has moved into Påvel Snickares alley. Here, the artist Charlie Granberg has painted a 15 meter high painting of Peter-No-Tail and Molly Cream-Nose in a modern style. A fantastic work of art located in the middle of the city!


Receive Peter-No-Tail's swim badge of honour

Peter himself may not be particularly fond of water but of course he want’s all children to feel safe when swimming. At Fyrishov, children can take Peter’s swimming medal – a proof that they can can complete Pelle’s fun but maybe a little scary tasks. To take Pelle’s bathing medal you will receive an instruction sheet and a herring from one of the lifeguards. Jumping from the pool edge, water running and fetching flocks from the bottom are some of the fun and courageous tasks for the kids.


Where can I buy the books?

When visiting Peter’s hometown, it is of course tempting to bring a Peter-themed souvenir home. The children’s books about Peter-No-Tail can be found, among other things, at well-stocked bookstores such as Akademibokhandeln on the Main Square (Stora torget) or Läslusen on Drottninggatan. Version in English might be trickier to come by, but try your luck and swing by the citys world renowned bookshop – Uppsala English Bookshop.