Scandinavian Restaurants

Are you eager to eat really good food? In Uppsala, there are several good restaurants with both traditional and inventive cooking based on Scandinavian tradition. The ambitions are high and the kitchens work with high-quality ingredients that are in season. Several of the restaurants are also mentioned in Sweden’s foremost restaurant guide, White Guide.

Dryck & Mat

Dryck och Mat is located in the old station building in Uppsala. Here the focus is on drinks and you will find a wide range of beer, wine and spirits. Drinks and Food offers two different tasting menus. One with three servings of drinks and food and one with five.

There are a total of 65 seats, of which about 25-30 can be booked and the rest are for drop-in. For drop-in, an a la carte menu is also offered.

Olof Palmes Plats 2, 753 21 Uppsala

Villa Anna

In the middle of Uppsala’s historic district is Villa Anna, a boutique hotel known for its warm welcome, pleasant atmosphere and great taste experiences. Here, the Nordic natural interacts in everything from the environment to atmosphere and gastronomy.

The award-winning restaurant with an impressive wine cellar and its creative but sustainable menu has become a culinary hot-spot. The interplay between food and drink is consistently fun and the menu shows the best that Uppsala and the surrounding area has to offer here and now.

Odinslund 3, 753 10 Uppsala


Domtrappkällaren Restaurant is housed in some of Sweden’s oldest restaurant premises and serves Swedish food with inspiration from the world’s cuisine. The kitchen has high ambitions and everything is made from scratch.

The restaurant is mainly appreciated for the wide range of quality world-class wines. Lunch, business lunch and à la carte are served here, but you also have the opportunity to use the premises as a banquet hall and there is access to several chambre separée. In summer, there is a large outdoor terrace.

S:t Eriks gränd 15, 753 10 Uppsala


In the heart of Uppsala is Hamberg’s little shop and brasserie, family-owned since 1982. Their ambition is to provide Uppsala with the best they can find and cook from. Their range consists mostly of marine ingredients, but they also have an interesting cheese counter and other items such as hand-made bread, cold-pressed rapeseed oil from the neighbour to Hamberg’s summer cottage and also seasonal jams from their own farms and more.

Many people choose to order their food for dinner at home in the form of catering. The groups vary from 2-2000 people. Particularly popular are their seafood dishes that are easily taken home, laid out and ready to be consumed immediately. They also have two party rooms in central Uppsala for parties of up to 130 people.

Fyristorg 8, 753 10 Uppsala


Odinsborg restaurant and café is housed in a charming wooden building in Old Norse style, next to the famous Kungshögarna in Old Uppsala. The restaurant’s menu is based on the rich and varied history of Swedish food culture, but just like the old Vikings, they have looked at what is available around the world and borrowed inspiration from other cuisines.

If you want to enjoy a coffee, lunch or a light meal after a walk through Old Uppsala, you should visit Odinsborg’s café. Here you can order a plate of meatballs with lingonberry jam, shrimp sandwiches, salads and not to forget waffles with homemade jam and cream. During the winter, hot chocolate with whipped cream is in high demand, and in the summer, soft ice cream is the order of the day. The café has an outdoor terrace framed by lush trees where you have a perfect view of Odinsborg and Old Uppsala. In addition to the open serving, you can arrange private gatherings with food and drink in a pleasant environment, in connection with various types of celebrations and other important events.

Gamla Uppsala, 754 40 Uppsala

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