A foodie’s guide to the best restaurants in Uppsala

Not many tourists know it, but more and more are discovering it: Uppsala is a gastronomic haven. Sweden’s fourth largest city is well worth a stop by or five to experience all of the high quality restaurants it has to offer. But where to go, you may ask? Not to worry! Follow this foodie’s guide to experience the best restaurants in Uppsala.

Sweden’s leading bistros

A great go-to when in search of the best restaurants in Uppsala is the book, website or app called White Guide. This annually published food guide is a summary of hundreds of graded visits to Swedish bistros and restos, and can be seen as the national equivalent of the Guide Michelin. The restaurants are rated on a scale from 1 to 100 and can be awarded with classifications from “global masterclass” to “also a good place”. With that said, having your restaurant mentioned in White Guide at all is a fine mark of quality.


The cocktail bar and magnificent view at Miss Voon.

The best restaurants in Uppsala – according to White Guide

Aaltos Italian Grill & Garden

If you would prefer to try out White Guide oldies, Uppsala offers a ton of them. A both culinary and architectural experience is proposed by Aaltos Italian Grill & Garden. Designed by the finnish architect Alvar Aalto, the house of Västmanland-Dala nation (because you do know about the Uppsala nations, don’t you?) was inspired by the artist’s love for Italy. This was made particularly clear by the 32 key pillars on which the house was resting – and under which Aalto had let built a renaissance-inspired garden. Unfortunately, the garden did not agree with neither the darkness nor the cold brought by its upstairs neighbour, and was therefore transformed into facilities. In one of these resides this Italian culinary gem, where flavours from Valpolicella wine and grappa are mixed with the scent rising from the charcoal grill.

Hambergs Fisk

If you’re more of a vitamin sea kind of person, you should definitely go for a visit at Hambergs Fisk. This family-run 30-something has a strong triple game functioning as both a restaurant, a shop and a catering firm. Since the early 80’s, it has been considered one of Uppsala’s main fish suppliers. Today, locals as well as tourists hijack Hambergs Fisk for both lunch and dinner. Wine aficionados are also taken care of in the very safe hands of sommelier Igor Arvidsson.

Dryck & Mat translates into “Drink & Food” – and that the drink precedes the food is no coincidence. The staff grants their guests not only with excellent service, but also with an in-depth knowledge of wine and spirits.

Miss Voon

Among the true fine dining stars in Uppsala, you’ll find Miss Voon. You might even want to call it a literal star, since it’s situated closer to the sky than any of the other mentioned bistros. Located on the 11th floor of the gold coated four star hotel Elite, the mademoiselle invites you to a hip Asian atmosphere, gastronomically as well as decorationally, and to the city’s highest viewpoint. The fact that the bar, serving experimental yet delicious drinks that would impress any cocktail connoisseur in a flash, is facing the room’s most panoramic vista isn’t bad either – at least if you’re not afraid of heights. Feeling more hungry than thirsty? We’d recommend their renowned lobster taco with shizo and shishimi. And maybe just a nibble of the chocolate fondant with thai basil.

Dryck & Mat

Traveling to Uppsala by train and in the mood for a delicious meal after your arrival? Then Dryck & Mat is the place to go. But be careful – you might walk right past it. This palatable pearl of a place seems to be one of Uppsala’s best kept culinary secrets, even among locals. Even though stationed in the central station building, which is perhaps the singular most frequented place in town, the secret doesn’t appear to be out in the open. All the more curious, the secrecy and the hush-hush only increases the number of Dryck & Mat’s starry-eyed supporters. Since their re-opening a couple of years ago, chef Niklas Engemar and colleagues have received nothing but words of praise. Dryck & Mat translates into “Drink & Food” – and that the drink precedes the food is no coincidence. The staff grants their guests not only with excellent service, but also with an in-depth knowledge of wine and spirits. Thus, what comes out from the kitchen is usually composed to match what’s in your glass, and not vice versa.

Villa Anna

Just a stone’s throw away from one of the most Uppsala-esque trademarks there is, the two-headed cathedral, lies boutique hotel and White Guide restaurant Villa Anna. Before its’ current occupation, the almost 150 year old building has hosted a student nation, the library of a medical association and christian girls’ school. Today, the magnificent house is home to one of Uppsala’s most appreciated menus with a special love for refined Scandinavian tastes. If you have a lot of time on your hands, you won’t regret spending it at Villa Anna: before dinner, savor some  Afternoon Tea accompanied by a glass of champagne, and spend a luxurious friday evening enjoying a massage in one of the beautifully designed rooms afterwards.

All White Guide-listed restaurants in Uppsala

Below, you can find a list of all the restaurants in Uppsala that are listed in the White Guide of 2021.