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Are you a travel professional? Please let us help you! Being a travel professional today requires a lot of knowledge, and this knowledge has to be easily accessible. We would like to help you in your work with selling Uppsala. We have images and videos that you may use in your promotion material.

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Welcome to Uppsala!

Uppsala has a rich and inspiring range of cultural activities and exciting events together with whole of Sweden’s history – all in one place. The tourist attractions are numerous and exciting and include something for everyone. In addition, there is beautiful nature, both in the centre of town and close by.

For travellers Uppsala is only 30 minutes away from Stockholm and 18 minutes from Stockholm Arlanda Airport by train. In the city the distances are short, and you can easily walk or bike to any sight or attraction.

Uppsala is today a modern city yet retains a small-town feel. It’s Sweden’s fourth largest city and home to two universities, the archbishopric of the Church of Sweden, a rich cultural life and beautiful scenery. Uppsala is rich in history and science and the prestigious Uppsala university is older than universities in many other countries. At the same time, the modern city is vibrating with life and is well known for its progressive research, innovation and position as a leader in modern technology. Whether you want to eat a lot or a little, outdoors or inside, Uppsala has a wide selection of pubs, cafés and outdoor restaurants. Don’t forget to enjoy a Swedish fika, a Swedish social institution: a friendly, relaxing break with coffee and cake.

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