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Uppsala Castle

Uppsala Castle houses two exciting museums; Uppsala Art Museum and Vasaborgen. You can also enjoy Uppsala’s best views through a rooftop walk on the castle roof.

Uppsala Castle

Building started on Uppsala Slott (Uppsala Castle) in 1549 during the reign of Swedish King Gustav Vasa who intended it as a fortress. Look up from almost any location in Uppsala and you’ll see it on the skyline at Kasåsen.

The castle is the location of several major events in the history of Uppsala and Sweden; for example ‘the Sture Murders’ in 1567 when several noblemen were butchered at the behest of deranged King Erik XIV who had accused them of treason (their clothes are displayed at Uppsala Cathedral). Like many mid-1500s castles in Sweden, bloodbaths, conflict and political plotting were par for the course.

As were fires, which engulfed Uppsala and the castle in 1702 when it virtually burned to the ground.  Its remnants were then scavenged for the building of the Royal Palace in Stockholm, which didn’t help matters much. The castle façade you see today is faithful to the bright colour it was following its reconstruction in 1740.


Uppsala Art Museum

At Uppsala Art Museum, you can take part in Swedish and international visual art.


Vasaborgen is a museum with 16th century ruins from the original Uppsala castle that Gustav Vasa began to build in 1549.

Museum Bar & Café

Enjoy a coffee or lunch in the historic environment at Uppsala Castle. The old vaults under the Art Museum house Cajsa’s Kitchen. Here you can enjoy everything from afternoon tea and sweet snacks to savory sandwiches and light lunches, salads, and wraps. Hot and cold drinks such as coffee, lemonade, wines and bubbly are also available.

Cajsa’s Kök is also a great place if you are looking to organize events such as weddings, mingling, conferences, after works and parties.

Rooftop tour of the castle

Do you want to experience Uppsala's best view?

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