Tourist Information

Tourist Information

Experience more during your visit in Uppsala! We’ll guide you through a broad range of activities, events and attractions that the city has to offer.

Uppsala has eight InfoPoints around the city. Here, you can get personalized service, as well as information and tips that will make your stay even better. You can also pick up maps and brochures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I store my luggage?

You can store your luggage at Uppsala Central Station in storage boxes, which are locked electronically and opened with a code. You can store your luggage for a maximum of 7 days, and the boxes can be paid for with a credit card. You will find the sizes of the boxes and prices for them here. Some accommodations also offer luggage storage, so check with the hotel you booked.

Where can I withdraw cash?

ATMs to withdraw cash are available at the Resecentrum and in several places in the city centre. However, there are few ATMs in the historic districts. Here you will find a map of ATMs in Uppsala.

Where can I convert money?

Money can be converted at Forex on Kungsgatan and in Gränbystaden mall.

It is also possible to withdraw EUR, GBP och USD at ATMs at Dragarbrunnsgatan and in Gränbystaden galleria.

Is there Wi-Fi in Uppsala?

In Uppsala, there is Wifi available in public places such as Uppsala Central Station as well as malls, libraries, restaurants and cafes in the city.

Where can I buy souvenirs?

Souvenirs from the city can be bought at the various museum shops in the city: the Botanical Garden Shop in the Tropical Greenhouse, Bror Hjorth’s House, Carolina Rediviva, Gamla Uppsala museum, the Cathedral Store in Uppsala Cathedral, the Linnaeus Garden, Linnés Hammarby, Upplandsmuseet, Uppsala Art Museum and in Vasaborgen at Uppsala Castle.

Other stores that have souvenirs from both Sweden and Uppsala are Mamsell K, Lilla Japan, Läslusen, Tehörnan as well as Cervera and Åhléns in the city center.

Selected Pressbyrån stores in Uppsala, for example those on Stora Torget, Kungsgatan, Uppsala Central Station and S:t Persgatan, also sell souvenirs.


What sights should I not miss in Uppsala?

You will find a guide to Uppsala’s gems here.

What are the opening hours for Uppsala's museums?

You will find opening hours and more information about Uppsala’s museums at

How do I get to Old Uppsala?

You can ride a car, bus, bike or walk to Old Uppsala. It takes about 15-20 minutes to go to Old Uppsala by car and bus. Cycling or walking takes about 20 minutes and 1 hour respectively. Bus number 2 leaves from the stop “Vaksala torg” in the city. You take the bus that starts in the direction going towards Vaksalagatan and get off at the end stop called “Kungshögarna”. After that, you walk a short distance, and then you are at the sights in Old Uppsala. Read more about Gamla Uppsala here.

Where is Linnés Hammarby?

Linnés Hammarby is located about 9 km southeast of Uppsala. Bus number 102 runs from Uppsala Central Station, platform B2 to Linnés Hammarby. You get off at the stop called “Linnés Hammarby’s crossroads”. The bus does not run all the way to Linnés Hammarby, but stops about 1.7 km from there. To walk from the bus stop to Linnés Hammarby takes about 20 min. You can find more information about Linnés Hammarby here.

What is the Lennakatten museum railway?

The Uppsala-Lenna Jernway, also called the Lennakatten museum railway, is a 33 km long railway between Uppsala and Faringe. Lennakatten departs from Uppsala Central Station, Östra Station in Stationsgatan 11. The train runs on tracks 9 and 10. Here you can read more about Lennakatten.


Where can I rent a bike?

You can rent a bike at Aktivt UtelivBibblans CykelSkiTotal Cykel or Stationsgatan Cykel. Some hotels also borrow or rent bicycles, so check with the hotel you have booked.

Do you want tips on cycling excursions? Take a look at our guide to the city’s gems on two wheels!

Here you will find a bicycle map of Uppsala with roads and bicycle pumps marked.

Is there parking for buses?

There are places for tourist buses on S:t Eriks torgs lane (2 hours, space for 2 buses), Strandbodgatan (24 hours, space for 3 buses), Biskopsgatan (max 24 h Monday – Friday) and Sivs väg, near Groaplan in Old Uppsala (max. 24 hours Monday – Friday). Buses, as well as other larger vehicles and crews, can also park along the fence or hedge on the northern part of Österplan. There is a fee for parking there.

Here you will find a map of all bus parking spaces in central Uppsala.

Are there any pitches for motorhomes?

At Fyrishov’s camping, 2 km from central Uppsala, there are pitches for motorhomes and caravans with or without electricity incl. service house. Read more on Fyrishov’s website.

It is also possible to park the motorhome in parking lots such as at Hamnplan, Ekonomikum and Groaplan (Gamla Uppsala). Here you’ll find a digital map where these parking spaces are featured. Please note that these spaces are not reserved for motorhomes, that there are no service houses or electricity and that the regular parking fee applies at them.

It is also allowed to park motorhomes in public parking lots along the streets of Uppsala.

Can you go on a boat trip?

Yes, you can. In the summer, Royal Shipping (m/s Kung Carl Gustaf) and Strömma Kanalbolaget arrange boat trips back and forth from Uppsala. Both companies offer day trips to Skokloster Castle and evening trips to Ekoln.

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