Things to do in Uppsala


Uppsala is a beautiful city with many things to see. Here are just some of the sights and experiences you should check out when visiting Uppsala.


Discover and explore Uppsala’s past, present and future

What to do then? How about going pre-history at Gamla Uppsala´s royal burial mounds and museum for 2,000-year-old pagan kings, Norse gods and golden temples?

From pagan to Christian – a must-see is 13th century Uppsala Cathedral for Gothic architecture, priceless relics and treasures. Or be awed by the 17th century Augsburg Art Cabinet at Museum Gustavianum.

Uppsala is the city of Carl Linnaeus, one of the most important scientists ever, who was professor of medicine at Uppsala University in the 18th century. You can visit the Linnaeus Museum and Linnaeus Garden to get to know the great man better. Talking about the university, Uppsala is a university city and many of our important historical buildings and much of our rich cultural heritage are linked to the university. One is the Carolina Rediviva library that you should visit to see the ‘Silver Bible’ and priceless books, maps and manuscripts.

Uppsala is not all history though. We have one of the best bar and restaurant scenes in Sweden – we are a university city after all. You can combine cool drinks with great eats and you can browse our shops, boutiques and malls for unique Swedish design items. And don’t miss the futuristic Uppsala Konsert & Kongress venue with its concerts and events.

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