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Uppsala blossoms

In the heart of Sweden’s fourth-largest city, there are plenty of gardens and greenery to enjoy. Take a stroll along the charming river, experience the grand baroque garden or have a picnic in the shade of hundred-year-old trees. There is something for everyone here, whether you want to explore plants, admire park architecture, or learn more about garden history. Or why not enjoy a live concert in one of Uppsala’s parks and gardens?

Carl von Linneaus

A unique heritage to see and experience.

Linnaeus is one of the world’s most famous scientists. Born in 1707, he became a botanist, zoologist, and geologist over time, as well as a skilled physician, wellness expert, philosopher, and innovative educator. He not only strove to achieve new knowledge but also loved to convey it to others. Carl von Linné lived in Uppsala for fifty years. His legacy is unique: a large number of parks and gardens still exist today in memory of Linnaeus and his scientific achievements.

Over 7000 species of plants

The Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden is a living museum with plants from all over the world. 7,000 species are grown here for teaching, research, and conservation of biodiversity. Visitors can enjoy the grand baroque garden, visit the two-hundred-year-old orangery with its beautiful showrooms, or get inspiration for their own gardening among rock garden plants, kitchen plants, and summer plantings.

The Botanical Garden was originally a castle garden for Uppsala Castle. It was donated to Uppsala University after Linnaeus’ death, and the plants from Linnaeus’ garden were moved here. Something is always happening in the Botanical Garden throughout the year. Seasons come and go, seeds and bulbs are planted, grow up, and wither down. The garden is like a living textbook, open to all.

Step into Linnaeus' home and garden

The Linnaeus Garden and the Linnaeus Museum

The Linnaeus Garden is Sweden’s oldest botanical garden, founded in 1655. Today, there are over 1,000 species of Swedish and foreign herbs, trees, and shrubs in the garden. The Linnaeus Museum is also located in the Linnaeus Garden.

Summer excursions for the Linnaeus family.

Linneaus Hammarby

Carl von Linnaeus’ summer home in Hammarby is located just over ten kilometers southeast of Uppsala. Linnaeus’ Hammarby is one of Sweden’s best-preserved 18th-century farms. It is also home to the world’s largest living collection of Linnaean plants. In the cozy apple orchard at Linnaeus’ Hammarby, you’ll find Café Sara Lisa. Here, you can enjoy food and home-baked coffee bread made from organic and locally grown ingredients.

Berries, flowers and fruit

For those who want to pick themselves

The Uppsala area is rich in self-picking opportunities. There are plenty of farms and orchards that offer fruits, vegetables, and berries to pick. Whether you’re looking for fresh strawberries, beautiful cut flowers, apples, or pumpkins for the fall, there’s something for everyone.

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