The best brunch spots

Brunch in Uppsala – The best late morning meals in town!

We all have our differences in preference, but something most people can agree on is that a well cooked weekend brunch equals heaven on earth. A less heavenly situation can occur when very hungry, but with no idea of where to go. Therefore, we have gathered the best brunch spots in Uppsala, all adapted to different budgets!

Picnic Brunch Uppsala - 1

Contrasts at Radisson Blu Hotel

Saturdays  11.30-15.00 

Would you like to know what a “culinary excursion” means in Uppsala? Then head over to Picnic, the restaurant at Radisson Blu Hotel. This trendy city hotel offers metaphoric food outings in the shape of brunch every weekend. And the menu is full of contradictions: hot and cold meals meet green and sweet ones, closely followed by refreshing liquids, in a mishmash of conventionality and uniqueness. How about bagels, chicken drumsticks, waffles straight from the iron, chocolate mousse and cheesecake? P.S. There’s a bubbly brunch version if you want to make the meal even more festive.  


British luxury at Villa Anna

Saturdays 12.00-13.45 & 14.15-16.00

Freshly baked and fabulous are two keywords that define the recurring brunch concept at Villa Anna. With the objective to let the guests sit back, relax and indulge in that kind of confectionery that almost melts in your mouth, they invite the residents and visitors of Uppsala to Afternoon Tea on Saturdays. Classics such as scones and lemon curd are layed out, but are also accompanied by more adventurous elements like Skagen Toasts, charcuteries and pastries. Among other delights. Moreover, Villa Anna organizes more typical brunch sessions on selected dates. Keep a lookout on their website!


Hipster healthy at Melrose Café

Every day

A newly sprung flower in Uppsala’s brunch meadow is Melrose Café. The location feels centric but still close to home, thanks to its’ hip address in residence-dense city district Luthagen. Inside these brick covered walls, one is served modern interior design accompanied by even more modern food culture. At brunch time, you can enjoy vitamine stuffed açai bowls, sweet chia puddings and every hipsters favourite snack, the avocado toast, any day of the week. So without further ado: if you like taking and posting pictures of nice looking food, a visit to Melrose Café is a must.  


Pancake paradise at Gästrike-Hälsinge nation

Saturdays 11.00-15.00

Archaeological digs have shown that one of the earliest and most widespread uses of cereals was the pancake. On late Saturdays morning during school terms, the Gästrike-Hälsinge student nation takes this into consideration by serving their pancake brunch. The menu offers American pancakes but with varied extras: go for the safe ones with maple syrup or experiment with a more filling one, topped with gravlax and sour cream. Of course, vegan options are also available, in order to make everyone in Uppsala, student or not, feel at home in this charming building.  


Pot pourri party at Clarion Hotel Gillet

Saturdays 11.30-14.30

Looking for a bountiful weekend brunch in Uppsala? A rumbling stomach will be pleased to walk through the doors of Clarion Hotel Gillet. This city hotel dishes up an abundant buffet of great variety every Saturday and Sunday. From Swedish classics such as pyttipanna and prinskorv, to steady basics like bread and brie cheese – here, everything is served, so that the risk of anyone leaving without feeling stuffed is minimal. Another great thing is that one of Clarion Hotell Gillet’s best brunch pleasures appeals to both big and small: an entire table, dedicated only to desserts and pastries.   

Budget friendly at Västmanlands-Dala nation

Sundays 11.00-14.00

Another student nation that isn’t afraid to ask both studying and working boys and girls out for a brunch date is Västmanlands-Dala nation, locally referred to as V-Dala. Here, they go all in on the buffet concept, and a very varied one at that: different kinds of homemade bread, numerous spreads and cold cuts, pies, pasta, scrambled eggs and waffles – both standard ingredients and modern favorites see eye to eye on the tables of this Alvar Aalto-designed building. One of the most intriguing factors offered by V-Dala’s brunch is the price. How low it goes depends on how closely related you are to the nation itself: if you’re a member, you’re in for a bargain brunch – but even not being associated to university activities at all doesn’t lead to significant cost rises.