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Linnaeus' Hammarby

Carl Linnaeus’s summer home in Hammarby is located just over a mile southeast of Uppsala. Linnaeus’ Hammarby is one of Sweden’s best-preserved 18th century farms. It is also home to the world’s largest living collection of Linnaean plants.

Linnaeus’ Hammarby

Linnaeus’ Hammarby is one of the most authentically preserved estates from the 1700s. The estate was purchased as a summer residence by the Prince of Botanists himself in 1758 and served as an escape from the unhealthy environment of Uppsala.

The household items, clothes and art tell us more about Carl Linnaeus’ private life and his scientific achievements. A permanent exhibit reflects on the family’s life on the farm. The lush park is home to many of the plants grown by Linnaeus himself and the surrounding cultural reserve has several nature and culture trails.

To get to Linnés Hammarby by public transport you take bus 102 from Uppsala Central Station (location B2) and get off at the stop “Linnés Hammarbys vägskäl”. From the bus stop there is then a walk of 1.7 km (about 20 min) to Linnés Hammarby.

Café Sara Lisa

Café Sara Lisa is located in the cosy apple grove at Linnaeus’ Hammarby. Here you can enjoy food and homemade coffee bread made from organic and locally grown ingredients.

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Linnés Hammarby
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