Uppsala Convention Bureau


Uppsala considers association meetings and events as tools for change and development. Associations play an important role in the development of any field and association congresses in particular have the power to collectively bring focus onto challenges that society faces. Through these events we find solutions and create new networks.

The role of Uppsala Convention Bureau is therefore to identify, attract and facilitate more meetings and events to come to our city. This is done by influencing and supporting local hosts and to actively promote the destination to external decision makers.

By understanding the strategic visions and long-term goals for different players in our local community, we have been successful in identifying which future events that are of importance to Uppsala.

Through a frequent dialogue with local hosts we also have been able to develop a support system to fit their needs and to strengthen them in their work as local organizing committees for a potential meeting or event.

To actively collect information on future and past meetings and events and by analyzing data from year to year we also identify which events to attract for which periods.

Our fifth report on the meetings and event industry in Uppsala has been released. Some of the effects of the industry, such as economic stimulation through touristic expenditure are easy to measure in numbers. Others, like legacy, knowledge exchange and organizational development are still hard to cover in this report but they have been of the greatest importance to us when attracting new meetings and events.

Anna Lindström, Director Convention Bureau
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