Uppsala Convention Bureau


In 2023, 205 association meetings as well as 69 championships and major sports cups were carried out in Uppsala – events that contribute to a positive picture of Uppsala’s development and growth.

We annually compile statistics on the meetings and sporting events arranged here. The aim of our annual report is to provide a comprehensive answer to questions from organisers and other stakeholders, and to preemptively answer questions that are not always asked.

Through an annual report, using the same measuring methods and key figures, we can deliver comparable figures with the possibility of monitoring and impacting long-term development. It provides a clear picture of how Uppsala is developing as a city for meetings and events, and can form the basis for many wise decisions for the city in the future.

Here are the figures that show how interest in Uppsala as a city of meetings and events has increased for the seventh year in a row, and here are the stories about the driving force and commitment behind the success.  Read more and download the report for 2023.

Anna Lindström, Director Convention Bureau
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