Uppsala bus

Travelling in Uppsala

Once you are in Uppsala, you easily get around the city by public transport, by taxi, on foot, or by bike.

The compact city centre makes it easy to get around in Uppsala on foot. You are within walking distance and can experience both the bustling city and pristine nature.

In the bicycle-friendly city of Uppsala, there are more bicycles than inhabitants and the short distances within the city centre make it possible to get around easily. Rent a bike and head out on the manicured bike paths. A bike map is available for download.


Get around by public transport or by taxi

UL manages the regional buses, and has a customized range of travel options so that travellers can choose to travel by public transport wherever possible and appropriate. Your journey by bus shall be perceived as simple, reliable and secure at the same time that it will facilitate your stay throughout our region. UL promotes a greener world with biogas in the tank.

You can also choose to travel in Uppsala by taxi. The majority of the city’s taxis are environmentally friendly cars and taxi companies not only take into account the city’s environment but also work actively to improve it.