Outdoors this winter!

Things to do in Uppsala this winter

Let the snowflakes fly and the hat blow off! This winter we want to wear ourselves out with all the activities winter in Uppsala has to offer. Run and ski your way through the sparkling snow city!


Uppsala’s own adventure world is without a doubt Fjällnora outdoor area. The green oasis with summer tensions such as canoeing, hiking and an adventure course is transformed into a winter idyll that offers both icy cross-country skiing and warming dips in hot tubs when the temperature has begun to find its way below the freezing point.

Things to do in Fjällnora:

  • When the weather allows, you can skate along ploughed skating rinks of 1-11 km. Equipment is available for rent.
  • Move along on groomed cross-country ski trails. The tracks are between 3 and 5.3 km.
  • Cross-country trails in Uppsala municipality

Cross-country Ski Trails

Is the winter studio your favourite program, Gunde Svan your god and Charlotte Kalla your messiah? Then you have come to the right city. In wintry Uppsala, there are several abundant cross-country ski trails to speed on. As shorter and more centrally located ski trails, the electric light trails in Stadsskogen and Stabbyskogen are recommended, but also the 400-metre-long trail in the KAP area, next to Studenternas. If you are looking for more solid long-distance riders, there are cross-country trails in Björklinge, Storvreta and Gluntenpromenaden, which are also illuminated in the evening. The latest addition to the cross-country skiing in Uppsala, however, is the artificial cross-country ski track at Granbergs IP in Sunnersta, where the artificial snow is expected to be in constant supply, from Christmas onwards and for as long as the weather allows.

Feel free to use our map to find a cross-country ski trail near you. Ski track = blue dotted line on the map

Pulka Sunnerstagropen

Uppsala Alpine Centre in Sunnersta

For Uppsala visitors, this facility may be called Uppsala Alpine Centre, or maybe even UAC for the returning visitors, but for rooted Uppsala residents, the name will forever be Sunnerstabacken. It offers three slopes, of difficulty green, blue and red with a small freestyle park, which makes UAC a perfect place for the whole family or group of friends to get a fair dose of gravity on the valley slopes. The easiest way to get here is a 30-minute bus ride from the travel centre.


Things to do at Uppsala Alpine Centre:

  • Slalom skiing.
  • Take the toboggan run, called the pit slope, down and then fix lunch on the barbecue areas below it.


Aktivt Uteliv

2019 was the year when the Uppsala residents’ main outdoor portal, Aktivt Uteliv, moved out to a room that better suited their offerings. From a shop on Boländernas Bergsbrunnagatan to a housewarming party in the ideally located Sunnerstastugan, the sports shop can sell and rent equipment where customers can use them on site. Why not rent cross-country skis and try the aforementioned artificial snow tracks next to Graneberg’s IP? Aktivt Uteliv also arranges courses and corporate events with activities such as kayaking, Stand Up Paddleboard and long-distance skating. If hunger strikes, the new venue also offers a café.


Ice skating

For the romantic date or invigorating afternoon workout. Whatever the reason, a ride on Studenternas is always a good idea during the winter. So lace up your skates, whether they are of the hockey or figure skating type, and take a few laps on this centrally located skating rink. However, make sure not to forget either skates or a helmet at home, as there are none to rent on site.

When the weather allows, the municipality also ploughs skating rinks on the following lakes: Björkling outdoor area, Fjällnora outdoor area and Hammarskog’s outdoor area. On each outdoor area’s Facebook page, you can read more about the status of the ice.



To feel more in tune with nature this winter, a visit to Hammarskog could be written out as a recipe. The nature area offers a varied environment with both open areas and dense forest. In the summer, you can let yourself be sun-kissed on the warm rocks and take a dip in Ekoln, but during the winter it is all about ice skating. Both Ekoln as well as Dalkarlskärret and Dalbyviken tempt with flat and stable skating ice when the weather gods allow it. In addition, there is a toboggan run for the little ones at the beautiful mansion.

Things to do in Hammarskog:

  • Go figure skating or become a hockey professional on the ice.
  • Win the mock World Bobsleigh Championships at the toboggan run.