Cross-country skiing in Uppsala

Cross-country skiing in Uppsala

In Uppsala, there are several wonderful cross-country ski trails to speed on during the winter. If you are looking for more central ski trails, we recommend the electric light trails in Stadsskogen, Stabbyskogen and the KAP area. If you want to go on a longer trip, there are illuminated tracks in Björklinge and Storvreta. Equipment is available for rent at Aktivt Uteliv.

Here is a map to help you find a cross-country ski trail near you. Ski track = blue dashed line in the map.


Cross-country ski trails in Uppsala

Björklinge (2,7 km och 5,1 km)

Fjällnora (2,7 km)

Hammarskogs och Hågadalen-Nåstens spårsystem

Kap-området (0,4 km)

Kung Björn-spåret

Stadsskogen (2,5 km)

Storvreta, Skogsvallen (2,5–5 km)

Sunnerstaåsen  (1,9 km och 3,5 km)

Nature Areas in Uppsala