Tours of Uppland

Local gems in the Uppsala countryside

Have you ticked off all the sights in Uppsala city? Here you will find the hidden gems of Uppsala’s countryside. Take a tour of Uppland’s beautiful castles, interesting museums, and beautiful nature.


Salsta Castle – A repurposed baroque castle

Skokloster, Wiks, and Uppsala Castle belong to a classic group of castles that the common man associates with Uppland. In Vattholma, 2.5 miles outside Uppsala, you will find another gem of a castle that was until recently a somewhat forgotten destination, which is difficult to understand when witnessing this unique Baroque castle from 1679. An architectural bull’s eye with a verdant city garden that is pleasingly enough going through a repurposing. Both tours and concerts are on the programme in the “new” Salsta Castle. The hikes probably contain a few ghostly tales to send shivers down your spine. Who keeps redecorating Charles XI’s guest room?

In Uppsala around Christmas? Take the opportunity to swing by Salsta Castle’s traditional Christmas market where about thirty craftsmen sell beautiful and tasty goods.

Viksta Tractor Museum – for the motor enthusiast

Do old engines make you all tingly inside? At Viksta Tractor Museum in Rångsta village, the focus is not on horsepower and speed. Here, attention is paid to the vehicles that have made sure Swedish agriculture continued to evolve. The museum, founded by Valter Anstrén, can display over a hundred tractors from different eras and brands. The oldest tractor in the collection is an Avancen that was manufactured as early as 1916.

Hike along the Salsta Trail

 The Salsta Trail is a perfect way to discover Uppland on foot. The 8-kilometre trail stretches from Vattholma station to Skyttorp station. This makes the Salsta Trail an optimal day trip for those without access to a car, as you can reach both the starting location and the finish line by taking Upptåget.

The Salsta Trail is a showcase of beautiful nature and memorable sights. Find tranquillity between the pastures, marvel at the old oak trees, stop by Salsta Castle, and enjoy the views on offer across the meadows surrounding the Fyris River.


Paddle in Uppland’s rivers!

Åstråken’s Tourism Association works to create opportunities for outdoor activities in the area between Gamla Uppsala, Österbybruk, and Örbyhus respectively, along the river valleys surrounding the Vendel and Fyris Rivers. For example, the latter rivers offer Uppland’s most beautiful waters for canoeing adventures. Rent a kayak at Aktivt Uteliv and be enchanted by Uppland’s nature!

Fullerö Handel – make your home more beautiful

Uppsala’s countryside is teeming with farm shops and breweries. For example, Fullerö Handel has been a popular watering hole for fans of quality home décor and garden pieces since 1994. The shop, which also has a cosy café, is located near the Fullerö Hills Nature Reserve, between Gamla Uppsala and Storvreta.

Service points in the Uppsala countryside

Looking for more information about what you can see and do in Uppland? Then we recommend that you visit one of the rural service points:

  • Handlar’n in Oxsätra
  • ICA Knuten in Knutby
  • Handlar’n in Järlåsa
  • Sebbans Pizzeria in Bälinge
  • Tempo in Vattholma
  • Tuna village shop
  • The SH gas station in Vänge
  • Skyttorp’s Pizzeria