Skating in Uppsala

Lace up your skates

Ready to skate? In Uppsala, there are several wonderful ice rinks outdoors to speed along on during cold winter days. If you want to skate centrally, we recommend public skating on the Students’ ice rink. Equipment for, among other things, long-distance skating is available for rent at Aktivt Uteliv and in the cottage at Fjällnora recreation area.

If you would rather skate indoors, there is Gränby ice rink, Recoverhallen, Gordon nice ice arena in Valsätra and Thorsén’s arena in Björklinge.

Natural ice for long-distance skating

When the weather allows, the municipality ploughs ice rinks on the following lakes:

On each outdoor area’s Facebook page, you can read more about the status of the ice.

Flushed ice at schools, sports grounds and parks

When the weather allows, the municipality flushes the ice in the following places:

Domarringens skola
Fålhagens idrottsplats
Monica Zetterlunds park
Uppsävjaskolan, grusplan
Östra Stenhagenskolan

Cross-country skiing in Uppsala