Find the Perfect Picnic Spots in Uppsala

Uppsala is known for its many beautiful gardens and lush parks, making it an ideal destination for a cozy picnic! Discover the cafes where you can buy delicious treats to pack in your basket and some of the best spots to spread out your blanket. 

Buy Picnic Food in Uppsala

In Uppsala Saluhall (Uppsala Market Hall), you can buy cheese, charcuterie, Swedish shrimp sandwiches, fresh bread and pastries, as well as ready-made dishes from the hall’s restaurants. It’s a great choice for foodies who want to try local food and for groups with diverse food preferences.

Ostar i en delikatessdisk

Uppsala also has many cafes and patisseries with scrumptious sandwiches and sweet pastries for your picnic. Check out Fågelsången, Güntherska, Café Linné Hörnan, or Landings.

Picnic Spots in the City Center

You don’t have to walk far to find great picnic spots in Uppsala. The city center offers everything from green parks to picturesque docks along the Fyrisån river.

En kvinna kollar på blommor i Uppsala stadsträdgård

Stadsträdgården is full of beautiful flowers to frame your picnic.

Among Flowers and Music in Stadsträdgården

In the heart of Uppsala, by the Fyrisån river, lies Stadsträdgården. With its large green areas, colorful flower arrangements, and charming docks, it’s an ideal spot for a picnic. If you’re here on a summer evening, there’s a good chance of catching a concert at Parksnäckan while you picnic, with top Swedish artists performing on the outdoor stage located in the park.

Among the Trees in Carolinaparken (The English Park)

Did you know that Sweden’s oldest public park is in Uppsala? Here you can sit under one of the many larch trees or grab one of the picnic tables. If you’re having picnic as a family with children, don’t miss the unique Peter No-Tail Playground, inspired by Gösta Knutsson’s beloved children’s book character.

Två kompisar har picknick på en brygga

Enjoy a picnic with the calming sounds of the Fyris River.

Peaceful on the Docks Along the Fyris River

Walk along the river Fyrisån and find your favorite dock. Near Stadsträdgården, there are long stretches of docks, and if you head south, you might even find a private spot. Sun lovers should head for the eastern side of the river, while the western side offers an environment with more plants and trees. This is a favorite spot among Uppsala residents, who like to sit here to eat lunch salads or just watch the passing boats and people.

Colorful in Vasaparken

With its proximity to both Biotopia and the cozy cafes along Sysslomansgatan, Vasaparken is an excellent picnic spot. Don’t miss the photo opportunity of having picnic next to one of the city’s most beautiful and unique buildings, the bright blue Vasahuset. Next to Vasaparken is Ekonomikumparken, which is extremely popular during the Valborg celebrations.

Picnic Spots for an Outing

For those who want to go grab their picnic basket and go on a little adventure, there are several fantastic places just outside Uppsala – offering both nature experiences and some more city-like settings.

Wiks slott sett från trädgården

During the summer months you can visit the inside of Wiks Slott as well.

In the Castle Park at Wiks Castle

In the beautiful park of Wiks Slott, you can find your picnic spot near the water or under a tree. Bus 108 will take you here in about half an hour from the central station. In the summer, there is a kiosk selling ice cream, coffee, sandwiches, buns, and candy. Combine the picnic with a visit to the historic castle from the 13th century – but beware of the castle ghosts stealing your picnic food…

Close to Shopping in Gränby Park

Just three kilometers from the city, Gränby Park spreads out with large green areas, a small farm where you can pet animals, a beach volleyball court, and beautiful private gardens. Gränby Park a modern park, but there are also several historical remains to discover here. A stone’s throw from the park is Gränbystaden, which offers around 130 shops for those who want to take a (shopping) break from hanging out in the park.

With a Wiew Over the City from Tunåsen

After a short hike up Tunåsen, you are rewarded with a fantastic view of Uppsala and the surrounding plains. At the top, there are picnic tables to sit at. If you want to extend the outing, this excursion is easy to combine with a trip to the historic Gamla Uppsala and Disagården.

Ulva Kvarn

Discover all the shops in Ulva Kvarn.

By the Artisan Boutiques at Ulva Kvarn

By the Fyrisån rapids, just eight kilometers north of Uppsala, you will find the picturesque craft village Ulva Kvarn. With bus 104, it will not take more than 15 minutes from central Uppsala to get here. In Ulva, you can enjoy nature, go fishing, swimming, or just relax by the river. Don’t forget to explore the charming craft shops after the picnic!

Remember to Pick Up Your Trash

To take care of nature and keep the picnic spots inviting for everyone, always remember to clean up after your picnic. Please take all your trash with you and leave the place as nice as you found it.