Gardens and Parks in Uppsala

Experiences in nature are closer than you think. Right in the heart of Sweden’s fourth largest city are flowers and greenery aplenty to enjoy. Stroll along the cosy Årummet, experience the magnificent Baroque garden or have a picnic in the shade of centuries-old trees. Uppsala’s gardens and parks offer something for everyone.


The Linnaeus Garden

Experience a riveting combination of garden and history in the Linnaeus Garden in Uppsala. As one of Uppsala’s most famous attractions, this sprawling reconstruction of what Sweden’s favourite botanists’ garden looked like in the 18th century attracts lots of visitors every year. The plants in the garden were selected by none other than Carl Linnaeus himself and all have an educational or scientific purpose. The beautiful orangery in the garden is worth a visit in itself.

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The Linnaeus Museum

Right next to Linnaeus Garden, you will find the Linnaeus Museum, located in a house that Linnaeus actually used as a residence. This offers a unique opportunity to discover him as both a scientist and a private individual. Preserved objects from his travels and time as a professor at Uppsala University are interspersed with his own insect cabinets, liquor glasses, and clothing.

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Linnaeus's Hammarby

For a more rural Linnaeus experience, we highly recommend a visit to Linnaeus’s Hammarby, 13 km outside the city centre. The botanist spent his summers here with his family to escape the “unhealthy environment in Uppsala city,” as he described it. It became both his sanctuary in nature and a place for him to teach students privately, which, according to the history books, he did wearing only his night shirt.

Did you want to completely nerd out on the King of Flowers? Take a look at our guide about Carl Linnaeus’s Uppsala.

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The Botanical Garden and Tropical Greenhouse

The last of the three Linnean gardens, together with Linnaeus Garden, and Linnaeus’s Hammarby, is the Botanical Garden. Unlike the other two, Botan, as it is called by locals, is open year-round, as this outdoor garden can offer unique plants during all four seasons of the year. If you want to stay warm but still enjoy magnificent plants, pop into the Tropical Greenhouse. There you will experience plants with all your senses, some that only naturally grow on savanna and steppe or in desert and rainforest. Thus, the temperature in the greenhouse mimics this and warms both body and soul on dark winter days.

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City Garden

Uppsala’s most urban nature experience is spelled “City Garden”. Just ten minutes from the station, you will find this green oasis of entertainment for all ages. Whether you want to walk your dog, have a picnic, or just enjoy soothing park architecture while the children play in the imaginative playground, the city garden is the place for it. Additionally, the music and theatre scene Parksnäckan and the sports ground Studenternas IP is just a stone’s throw away.


SLU’s Knowledge Garden

20,000 square meters of utility and fun. That’s what you get if you head to Almas Allé 11 in Ultuna. SLU has set up a knowledge garden whose plants, unlike a botanical garden, are organised in a series of attractive and varied rooms rather than based on which family they belong to. SLU’s Knowledge Garden is actually both intended to serve as a demonstration facility for the university’s research and progress, while also being enjoyable as a recreation site.

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Other tips on garden and park experiences in Uppsala:

  • Årummet
  • Rosénparken