Why meetins & events matter to a city

Meeting hosts share their story

More meetings, events and visitors mean more hotel nights, more jobs and greater tax revenue for Uppsala. But is that really the most important thing? No, it’s not. Instead, it is changes that take place on a deeper level when a city receives more visitors, major events, a greater exchange of knowledge and experiences, more positive attention. What makes Uppsala develop, more people thrive and more eye-catching, is a wide range of meetings, opportunities and events. But do not just take our word for it – hear our meeting hosts themselves tell their story.

"When others look at our business, we develop and learn more."

Water Meeting

Uppsala Vatten & Avfall welcomes more than 700 colleagues from all over Sweden to Uppsala for the Water Meeting (Vattenstämman). Sigrid de Geyter, CEO of Uppsala Water & Waste, is passionate about sustainability and infrastructure issues. For her, the Water Meeting is as much a chance to showcase Uppsala and share knowledge from all parts of the country, as it is an opportunity to showcase the company’s activities to local colleagues in various administrations, here in Uppsala.

"I want to build a feeling and a sense among my employees that we should be proud, that we are doing something good."

Archive Week

For Sara Håkansson, city archivist and head of Uppsala City Archives, Archive Week means a chance for her employees to feel proud – a chance to show off all their good work. Uppsala City Archives are very successful on a national playing field, something that Sara wants to showcase at home, in Uppsala, by hosting Archive Week.

“I think more people should consider hosting a meeting. It’s a lot of work but it’s rewarding work and I think it will lead to a lot of good things, not only for Uppsala but also for us as a workplace.” – Sara Håkansson.

"We’ve since seen an upturn in applicants when we recruit new talent, from all over the country."

Sweden's largest procurement conference

Congresses on home turf give fantastic opportunities to strengthen your brand as an attractive employer. Suzanne Afzelius, head of the procurement unit at Uppsala municipality, is happy to sign her name next to such a statement. In the spring of 2019, Uppsala hosted Sweden’s largest procurement conference. Hear her talk about the effects the conference has had – for her, for the procurement unit and for Uppsala.

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