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Uppsala Convention Bureau

It should be easy to arrange meetings and events in Uppsala. We therefore offer you as an organiser support for free.


Have you not been in contact with us before and want to arrange a new meeting or event? Fill out our form and we will get back to you. The questions in the form give us an idea of your needs and how we can help you further.

If you want to get in touch with an Uppsala Convention Bureau representative regarding another matter, contact information for all employees is available below.

Contact information:

Anna Lindström, Director Convention Bureau
Tel +46 18 727 48 34 , +46 76 761 83 35
E-mail Anna Lindström

Madeleine Klintsbacka, Convention Bureau Research & Sales
Tel +46 18 727 48 22, +46 708 56 30 43
E-mail Madeleine Klintsbacka

Lisa Wästberg, Convention Bureau Research & Sales
Tel +46 18 727 48 27
E-mail Lisa Wästberg

Hedvig Bäckström, Convention Bureau Research & Sales
Tel +46 18 727 48 82
E-mail Hedvig Bäckström

Jonas Ekebacke, Project Manager
Tel +46 18 727 48 14
E-mail Jonas Ekebacke

Linda Kimber, Convention Bureau Research & Sales
E-mail Linda Kimber

Anna Gozzi, Project Manager
Tel +46 18 727 48 08
E-mail Anna Gozzi

Malin Lejskog, Project Manager
Tel: +46 18 727 48 32
E-mail Malin Lejskog

Ola Rosén, Project Manager
Phone: +46 18 727 48 13
E-mail Ola Rosén

We will help you for free with

  • Finding the right meeting or sporting event space
  • Finding the best possible period to avoid clashing with events
  • Ensuring available capacity according to event requirements
  • Provide price information and offers from hotels, venues, and arenas
  • Arrange study visits and tours of potential venues and arenas
  • Liaise with a so-called PCO, brokering with an organiser for the meeting administration
  • Enable applications for public grants as well as contacts with potential sponsors
  • Liaise with the public sector and local businesses
  • Know which permits are necessary for your event (police, land/property owners, county administrative board, etc.)
  • Share good and important documents for your event (security guide, contact and checklists)
  • Develop a basis for arranging ecologically and socially sustainable events
  • Share image, text, and marketing materials
  • Offer maps and planning tools
  • Have tourist information officers on site during the event