Uppsala Convention Bureau

About us

Uppsala Convention Bureau

Our goal is to increase knowledge about Uppsala for the purpose of creating more and larger meetings. Contact us for free advice and support in the process of bringing meetings, congresses and sporting events to Uppsala.



A Convention Bureau is a non-profit organization, which with the help of meetings and events contributes to the development and marketing of a city. Much of the work involves supporting and facilitating for organizations, associations and companies to choose Uppsala as a destination for their meetings and sporting events.

All our services are free of charge. It is easy to arrange meetings in Uppsala.

Anna Lindström, Chef Möten och Evenemang
Tel +46 18 727 48 34 , +46 76 761 83 35
E-mail Anna Lindström

Madeleine Klintsbacka, Research & Införsäljning
Tel +46 18 727 48 22, +46 708 56 30 43
E-mail Madeleine Klintsbacka 

Lisa Wästberg, Research & Införsäljning
Tel +46 18 727 48 27
E-mail Lisa Wästberg

Hedvig Bäckström, Research & Införsäljning
Tel +46 18 727 48 82
E-mail Hedvig Bäckström

Jonas Ekebacke, Projektledare
Tel +46 18 727 48 14
E-mailJonas Ekebacke 

Service at no cost

  • Information about Uppsala as a city for meetings and events
  • Initial project management support for the host/organization committee
  • Ensuring available capacity for accommodations and facilities
  • Bids, compilation of meeting requests and offers
  • Site Inspection, study visits and guided tours
  • Presentation for the organization committee
  • Contacts within the municipality, county and trade and industry
  • Brochures, rollups, images and marketing materials
  • Tourism relations officers on-site during the meeting or event
  • Professional Congress Organizers, mediation of arrangers for meeting administration
  • Congress and event cards for public transport