Christmas present of the year

Print-and-play Uppsala Board Game

The “Christmas present of the year” is appointed once a year by HUI Research. This year’s choice is the board game – to gather with loved ones and getting a much-needed break from reality is something we seek in difficult times, says HUI. Download your own Uppsala Board Game here!

En spelplan med Uppsalamotiv

Uppsala med knuff

Game Rules “Uppsala med knuff” (Uppsala Ludo Style Board Game)


Take a stroll around Uppsala! The first player to get all four of their pieces around the city and into the goal wins.

You’ll need:

  • The game board (download and print)
  • Four game pieces per player (use, for example, paper clips or stones if you don’t have game pieces)
  • A dice

Game Rules:

  • Each player places their four pieces on their respective starting positions: The Castle, The Cathedral, UKK (Uppsala Concert and Congress Hall), or Old Uppsala
  • Players take turns rolling the dice
  • To move a piece onto the board from its starting position, a player must roll a one or a six with the dice.
  • First step is counted from the arrow that matches the color of the player’s starting position.
  • A player can have multiple pieces on the board simultaneously, but can only move one of their pieces the number of steps indicated by the dice per turn. The pieces move clockwise along the white track on the game board.
  • If a piece lands on a space already occupied by an opponent’s piece, the opponent must move their piece back to their starting position.
  • When a piece completes a lap around the board, it must enter the goal circle in the middle via the gameboard via the matching colored lane. To get a piece into the goal circle, a player must roll the exact number of steps needed to reach it. If a player rolls too high a number, they must move the piece forward and then back again from the goal circle, until the correct number of steps is achieved. The first player to get all their pieces into the goal circle wins the game!