Christmas in Uppsala | Shopping

Find Unique Christmas Gifts in Uppsala

Here are tips on local shops, offering the perfect hostess gifts as well as beautiful and unique Christmas presents from Uppsala to place under the tree.

Buying Christmas gifts from small scale, local stores will likely make the recipient feel that you’ve put some extra thought into your gift. Fortunately, Uppsala’s shopping scene offers several opportunities to find unique presents!

For the Foodie

Uppsalapralinen – Gourmet Coffee and Quality Chocolate in One

Uppsalapralinen can be found at the local store Chocolat. Dark, high-quality chocolate with white chocolate mousse, infused with coffee from the local Uppsala coffee roastery, and topped with a whole coffee bean – this might be the tastiest Christmas gift of the season. If you want to gift a sweet experience with delightful flavors, there’s also a kit that lets the recipient of the gift to arrange their own chocolate tasting at home.

For Home Decor Enthusiasts

Stylish Decor from Svart Inredning & Design

At Svart, you’ll discover 200 square meters of interior design – everything from small furniture, decorations, gifts, skincare products, crafts, and lamps. They focus on ecological, locally produced, and environmentally sustainable production. It’s easy to get inspired here, making it a great place to find a personalized Christmas gift!

Uppsala Bauble from Mamsell K

When you buy an “Uppsalakula”, you can be sure to bring home a completely unique decoration – all glass baubles are both mouth-blown and hand-painted, and no two are alike. What they all share is the sparkly and snowy Uppsala-themed motifs. Each year, the bauble is released in a new base color, something many of the Uppsala regulars at the gift shop Mamsell K look forward to. The Uppsalakula can only be purchased here, in the gift shop that has been in located in the charming cobbled stone alley S:t Eriks Gränd, since 1999, just a stone’s throw from Uppsala Cathedral.

The Traditional Red Lantern of Uppsala

What is a Christmas without candlelight in beautiful lanterns? With its warm, red glow and classic Uppsala motifs, the handmade Uppsalalyktan creates a cozy atmosphere on dark winter evenings. The first lantern was crafted in the 1920s and since then, the craftsmanship has been passed down through generations. The Christmas lanterns are available for purchase at the shop in Uppsala Cathedral and in the craft shop Linnés Kammare.

For the Bookworm

A good book is a timeless Christmas gift, and if you’re looking for unique and special books, you’rein the right place. Uppsala’s bookstores maintain very high quality. Here, you’ll find a wide range but also some really niche bookstores – like Fantastikbokhandeln, which focuses on science fiction, fantasy, and horror written in both Swedish and English. Or Läslusen, the children’s very own bookstore. The English Bookshop has over 17,000 titles in stock, making it practically impossible not to find a suitable Christmas gift.

For the Music Lover

Vinyl and Beyond at Restyle Second Hand & Records

At the Uppsala store Restyle, you’ll find both newly pressed and used vinyl in most music genres, from hip-hop and contemporary music to jazz, rock, pop, and electronic. In addition to music, Restyle also sells second-hand clothing with focus on streetwear. They also have a small selection of books, video games, and interior details – giving you the opportunity to put together a suitable item or piece of clothing as a complement to the vinyl record.

For the Fashion-Conscious

Carefully Selected Fashion at Herta

You’ll find the lifestyle store Herta in some of Uppsala’s most beautiful surroundings (near the Cathedral). In the store, you’re greeted by two floors of equally beautiful and handpicked clothes, bags, shoes, jewelry, and interior items! Hanna and Hanna, who run the store, share not only first names but also a passion for fashion and style. They are happy to be your personal shopper and help you find the perfect Christmas gift.

Sustainable Clothing and Accessories from Uppsala’s Second-Hand Stores

Go for a sustainable and personal fashion gift – Uppsala has several excellent second-hand stores to explore. At Beyond Retro, you’ll find both fashion and accessories from the 80s and 90s in a fun environment. Why not gift a retro-print t-shirt, a leather jacket, or some cool scarves?

Stil is a store that challenges all stereotypes about what a second-hand store looks like. They handpick and style their clothes in a way that makes it feel like you’re shopping in an exclusive design store, but with reasonable prices. Gift ideas from here could be a soft and warm sweater from a designer brand, a stylish bag, or a beautiful piece of jewelry.

Uppsala Experiences

Bring your loved ones to Uppsala for an activity!

Climbing up the roof of a pink castle sounds like something from a fairy tale, but it’s actually a real activity that you can book in Uppsala! During GoAdventures’ roof walking on Uppsala Castle, you get a dose of the city’s history combined with unbeatable views and an unforgettable experience.

The train Lennakatten is a 33 km long museum railway in Uppland operated by historical steam locomotives, diesel locomotives, and rail buses. Experience a journey as if it were in the first half of the 20th century, with the scent of coal and warm steam, the rhythmic sound of rail joints, and beautiful scenery outside the window.