Christmas in Uppsala

List: Ethical Shopping for the Holidays

The holiday season doesn’t have to mean overconsumption – in Uppsala, you’ll find several stores where sustainability and ethics take center stage. From shops with local products to those who supports initiatives for the planet and its people. Let fair trade become a part of this season’s joy! Here are four tips on stores to visit.

Fairtrade and Ethical


At Globalen, you’ll find beautifully handcrafted items, unique interior details, and groceries from Africa, Asia, and Latin America – all produced under fair conditions. This is Sweden’s largest Fairtrade Shop, meaning that over 80% of the goods are certified according to Fairtrade standards (or according to the principles of the World Fairtrade Organization on ethical commerce). Each product is labeled with its origin, and the store’s mission is to contribute to sustainable development through fair trade, respecting both people and the environment.

Local, Global, and Trendy


Kvarteret is a store in the trendy neighborhood of Rosendal, where sustainability is as crucial as aesthetics. Interior decor, furniture, gifts, lamps, and toys are mixed with upcycled items created on-site in their own workshop. Unique lampshades are crafted according to your preferences, and old furniture is given new life with designer fabrics and fresh paint. Kvarteret also collaborates with Creation Hive, a cooperative of women affected by AIDS and HIV in Kenya, where the women’s crafts are combined with Kvarteret’s fabrics to create a truly unique product line sold only in this store.

200 Square Meters of Quality and Eco-Friendly Decor

Svart Inredning & Design

This interior design store offers everything from small furniture to gifts and skincare products. In their 200-square-meter store, the emphasis is on products that are ecological, locally produced, or in other ways sustainably manufactured. The fact that everything is incredibly stylish doesn’t hurt either. Here, you’re sure to find a Christmas gift, no matter who the recipient is!

Design with Purpose

Hantverkslussen by Uppsala Stadsmission

Uppsala Stadsmission creates and sells interior products manufactured in their own carpentry workshop called Hantverkslussen (The Craft Lock). Here, individuals facing various forms of vulnerability are provided with the opportunity for self-sufficiency. Products from Hantverksslussen are sold in local design stores throughout the city and in Uppsala Stadsmission own shops.

Unique and Sustainable Christmas Gifts

Vintage and Second Hand

For those looking to add a unique touch to their Christmas shopping, Uppsala offers a diverse range of vintage and second-hand stores. Opting for second hand isn’t just a way to find unique and personal gifts, but it’s also a step towards more sustainable consumption, supporting a circular economy. Breathe new life into retro clothing from Uppsala’s second-hand clothing stores or explore vintage shops for interior and design with knowledgeable shop owners. Check out these shops, for instance;

  • Stil (curated clothing and accessories)
  • Ruth & Raoul (beautiful vintage clothing and accessories)
  • Odhner (vintage and retro design and home decor)
  • Retrolyckan (home decor from 1940s to 1970s)