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In Uppsala, the guides are both knowledgeable and entertaining. They have different specialties and speak several different languages. Your guide is a true expert who takes you on shorter or longer tours where you are guaranteed unique stories about known and unknown personalities and exciting tales mixed with beautiful scenery, culture and facts about interesting places and buildings.

Follow in the footsteps of powerful Vikings, science superstar Carl Linnaeus or the world-famous filmmaker Ingmar Bergman. Or why not the paw prints of Pelle Svanslös – the world’s nicest cat?

Discover Uppsala

There are guide companies offering regular city walks during the summer season, some with themed tours linked to the Vikings and the Middle Ages but also art and architecture.

Art & Culture

Art and culture are found in different forms around Uppsala – both outdoors and indoors. If you want to find the gems, book a tour of Uppsala’s cultural district. Your guide tells you all about cultural personalities, the style eras are reflected in Uppsala’s architecture and the cultural phenomena and events that have been important to the city.

Uppsala has been home to many of Sweden’s most famous cultural personalities, everything from filmmakers to writers. See the filming location for Ingmars Bergman’s greatest film Fanny and Alexander, Övre Slottsgatan 22, where August Strindberg lived during his studies and places that laid the foundation for Karin Boye’s interesting writing.


Follow us to the places where the Vikings and their ancestors once lived in Uppsala. Your guide tells you about how they farmed land, traded and made long and famous journeys. You can also meet the Viking merchant Ulf, the Viking chief’s daughter Grimsa or the Viking woman Torgerd in Old Uppsala. If you are a true Viking fan, you must also join a walk among Uppsala’s rune stones – learn about why they were erected and what their images and signs mean.

Carl Linnaeus is one of the world’s most famous scientists. Nowhere else are there so many traces of him as in Uppsala. Now you have the opportunity to meet him in person and together experience the Linnaeus Museum which was his home, enjoy the tranquillity of his garden or walk along one of the Linnaeus trails to his summer home in Linnaeus’ Hammarby.

Uppsala Castle was built by King Gustav Vasa in 1549 and has played a major role in our Swedish history. It has been the scene of several dramatic events involving massacres, conspiracies, plots and murders. Why not take part in the pink castle’s different stories while enjoying Uppsala’s best views during a rooftop walk on the castle roof?

If you are feeling fearless, you can also go on a ghost walk in Vasa Castle. There you will meet several ghosts, including one from the Vaasa family who tells the scariest stories about the castle.

Ghost hunters, listen up! Rumour has it that several castles in Uppsala and Uppland are also haunted.  These include Wiiks, Örbyhus castle and Österby mill.

Women's History

Join the neighbourhood that is associated with significant women in Uppsala’s history. You get to know strong personalities such as Betty Pettersson, Karin Boye, Barbro Alving, Queen Kristina, Saint Birgitta and other women. The guide tells you about their lives, struggles and fates.

Family Adventures

Meow! Do you know Peter-No-Tail? The famous cat lived in Uppsala and has left his paw prints here. Today you meet him on guided walks where you can paw over his own pedestrian crossing to the neighbourhood around Åsgränd where he lived with his love Maja Gäddnos but which was also home to Elaka Måns, his sidekicks Bill & Bull and the other cats.


For those of you who love nature, there are guides who will take you around exclusive nature experiences in Uppsala but also Uppland. Learn about the birds and other animals that live here.

Discover Uppsala