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Museum Gustavianum

Gustavianum - Uppsala University museum

Museum Gustavianum is Uppsala University's oldest preserved building and houses thousands of years of history.

NOTE: As of September 29th 2019, Gustavianum is closed for renovations. The work is estimated to be completed by spring 2024.

In the museum’s permanent exhibitions, you will find parts of the collections that Uppsala University has gathered since its foundation in 1477. Everything from mummies and Viking helmets to art, ancient coins and Celsius’ very own thermometer. You will also find instruments and other types of objects that show the history of Uppsala University and the work of scientists like Rudbeckius, Celsius and Linnaeus, all of whom were active here.

Gustavianum is also home to the Augsburg art cabinet, which Gustavus Adolphus received from the councilors of Augsburg in 1632. An ornate cabinet with many drawers, secret compartments and thousands of objects, it served as an old-fashioned internet. At the top of the building is the anatomical theater built in the 1660’s for public dissections.



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