Uppsala – a city of culture

Welcome to one of Sweden’s richest cultural cities. Film, music, art, theater, performing arts, dance – cultural expressions that all have a natural place in the soul of Uppsala. We have listed some of the city’s top places for cultural experiences.

Uppsala Stadsteater

Soul gripping performing arts at Uppsala City Theatre

Sweden’s third largest city theatre is constantly renewing and challenging what performing arts can be, whether it’s modern, classical or child-adapted theatre. Uppsala City Theatre is a cultural institution with four different scenes that both preserve a rich cultural heritage and point out the direction for tomorrow’s productions. In the noble theatre house on Kungsgatan, a stone’s throw away from Uppsala Central Station, around 500 plays are played annually for a total audience of 70,000. The theatre’s café, restaurant and gallery make this a popular meeting place beyond the theatre performances.

Uppsala City Theatre is a cultural institution with four different scenes that both preserve a rich cultural heritage and point out the direction for tomorrow's productions.

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Thoughtful art at Uppsala Art Museum

First-time visit in Uppsala? Then you will probably at some point end up at Uppsala Castle. Why not take the opportunity to experience some high-class art pieces in the Uppsala Art Museum, that is situated inside the castle? Discover three floors of art exhibitions that reflect various eras, themes and life works – by local as well as international artists. In the museum shop and Museum Bar & Café , you can enjoy a break and let the impressions sink in for a moment.

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Magical evenings in the theatre district

Trädgårdsgatan is without a doubt the hub for the unofficial theatre district in Uppsala. On each side of the street, with entrances facing each other, you find the home of the Regina Theatre and the cultural house Grand. The former is Uppsala’s official scene for guest performances, actually one of Sweden’s leading ones. With its wide range of performing arts, concerts, dance, poetry and stand-up, the intimate Regina Theatre makes Uppsala a thriving cultural city every night. Grand is place for young people who want to practice and experience culture.

Köttinspektionen – a place for free art

Do you like free theatre, art and dance? Then Köttinspektionen is for you – an artist-driven meeting place for avantgarde culture in the outskirts of Uppsala city center. Unlike the large theatre houses that often tend to release the same expected productions, there is time for deep thought and experimentation in a unique environment at Köttinspektionen. In addition to stage performances, interesting workshops and panel discussions are also arranged regularly.

Katalin And All That Jazz!

Katalin And All That Jazz is a classic scene for music in an old warehouse at Uppsala Central Station. A room with a wonderful rustic atmosphere – the perfect place for concerts and stand-up. Check out Katalin’s packed program, the chances are great that your favorite artist will enter the stage in a near future.

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Quality films at Fyrisbiografen

There are not many left, but Fyrisbiografen is among the last standalone cinema houses around. With its red and seductive neon sign, this pittoresque cinema attracts visitors from St. Olofsgatan to their two screen rooms. This classic cinema has shown film of high artistic quality since 1911 – which makes Fyrisbiografen one of Sweden’s oldest cinema houses. Here, you have the chance to witness European films that didn’t fit in the program of the large cinema complexes. You will most likely share the salon with a number of students who rushed from the last lecture in the neighboring university building.

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Walk in Ingmar Bergman's footsteps

The world famous director Ingmar Bergman is often referred to as the best of his craft. His legacy took its first artistic steps in the small local cinema theatre of Slottsbiografen, where Bergman had his first core gripping film experiences. This is one of the stops on the many city walks that explore the legendary director’s history in Uppsala. Learn more about Bergman’s youth environments, including Grandma Anna’s apartment at Trädgårdsgatan 12 and which buildings can be spotted in the Oscar-winning classic Fanny and Alexander.

String virtuosos at the Uppsala International Guitar Festival

The award-winning multipurpose venue Uppsala Konsert & Kongress has become the main center for all cultural expressions in Uppsala. One of this year’s most visited events is the Uppsala International Guitar Festival, which is arranged annually at UKK. An impressive statement that proves that guitar based music will never die. During a couple of busy days, you can be entertained by string virtuosos from all over the world or participate in workshops, master classes and seminars that touch upon all aspects of the instrument.

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Let the imagination flow at Bror Hjorths Hus

Bror Hjorth (1894-1968) is considered one of the most important Swedish artists of the 20th century. Based in Uppsala, he created paintings, sculptures, reliefs and drawings that often were ahead of his time. In his old home and studio you can get acquainted with both the artist and the person. In addition to the main exhibition, Bror Hjorths Hus also offers a café corner, art education activities and temporary exhibitions by established creators.

Even if you don’t visit Bror Hjorths Hus, you can observe several of his famous works in central Uppsala, for example the once so controversial sculpture “Näckens polska”, throning Uppsala Central Station.

Plenty of public art to see

The city of Uppsala is known for its focus on public art. Almost every time a construction project of importance is completed, the new site will contain fresh art pieces. Sometimes integrated into the design of the building itself, other times to lift the attraction of a place. The memorial of Fadime Sahindal, the statue “Jonah and the big fish” that rests by the river Fyris and the giant cat, “Pelle Svanslös” (Peter No-tail), in the City Garden are some of the highlights during the municipality’s art walks. Simply the best way to combine free culture and exercise!

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Kulturnatten – A night of culture

As a grandiose end to the summer, Kulturnatten (The Culture Night) is arranged in September every year. During 24 hours, every street corner is filled with exciting cultural activities – concerts, art, performances, dance and film screenings. The first night of culture was organized in 1989 and has since then become one of the city’s most popular happenings.