Discover the outskirts of Uppsala

Tips for trips outside Uppsala city center

Take a day trip and discover the outskirts of Uppsala and all the amazing places there are to visit.

Different destinations offer all sorts of things to see and experience, and there’s always a place to eat or take a picnic. Below are some tips on places to visit in the municipality of Uppsala.


Gamla Uppsala

Gamla Uppsala (Old Uppsala) is one of the most important ancient sites in the Nordic region, and is a popular trip destination. Here you can walk along the fabled Royal Mounds, check out the beautiful church, or visit the Gamla Uppsala Museum. Near the burial mounds is the Disagården open-air museum, where you can get a glimpse of how people in the countryside lived during the 1800s. Be sure to visit Odinsborg for a snack or an afternoon coffee break!


Hammarskog Recreation Area

Out in the Hammarskog Recreation Area you’ll find open fields, oak groves, dense forests, and sparkling waters. Stroll along one of the hiking trails, go fishing, or visit the bird-watching tower to observe the bird life. In winter you can go sledding, cross-country skiing and ice skating. Take a break from your activities and grab a seat at the Hammarskog manor house for something tasty to eat or drink.


Fjällnora Recreation Area

A trip to Fjällnora Recreation Area is an ideal excursion for nature lovers. Here you try climbing along the high ropes course, go for a swim, or rent a boat, kayak, or canoe. During the wintertime, you can rent snowshoes or cross-country skis. Take along a picnic, grill at the provided barbecue sites, or visit Fjällnora’s café for a light lunch and refreshments. There are also animals that children of all ages can pet.


Linnaeus' Hammarby Historic House and Museum

Take a day trip to Linnaeus’ Hammarby and experience one of Sweden’s most authentically preserved 18th century gardens. Here you will find Carl Linnaeus’ summer residence, with plants once cultivated by the so-called “Prince of Botanists.” Café Sara Lisa is open throughout the tourist season, making it easy to enjoy a coffee or snack while taking in the sights of this culture reserve and its beautiful nature trails.

Linnés Kammare

Linnés Kammare

Historical Linnés Kammare , which one of the most eminent scientists of Uppsala visited every year with his students, houses a gem of a farm house. Apart from handicrafts, a café and designer Kerstin Landström’s woollen blankets, which make you dream of cooler days, Vasilis och Sigrid Mathantverk (artisan food shop) is also here. The Greek-Swedish couple produce everything from cheeses and jams from Greece to tempt you, and can also pride themselves on their home-pressed extra virgin olive oil. Thanks to their cooperation with local food producers, they are able to offer a selection of products to attract large numbers of foodies.


Ulva Kvarn

8 kilometers north of Uppsala is the Ulva Kvarn handicrafts village, known for its beautiful natural surroundings. The village features all sorts of shops, cafés, handicraft studios, and silversmiths. You can even attend a glassblowing workshop at Glashyttan Ulven. There are also events throughout the year, including the autumn and winter markets, handicrafts fairs, and vintage car conventions.

Linnés Sävja - The Linnaeus House

Come and experience the farmhouse that Carl Linnaeus purchased in 1758. It was to this country retreat that Linnaeus would escape to live the “simple life.” Without the distractions of family obligations, he could work on his theories and write new treatises. Today the estate features a rustic farmhouse café, a museum where you can learn more about Linnaeus’ scientific work as a physician, and chickens and lambs to amuse the kids.

Lyssnaängen and Skarholmen

Lyssnaängen is a picturesque spot on the shores of Lake Ekoln with beautiful panoramic views of the water. Here you’ll find a large swimming area with a kiosk, public toilets, and spots for grilling. Take a walk on the trails that run along the shore where you can gaze out at the boats gliding past. Lyssnaängen is also a popular place to go ice skating in the wintertime.


Lennakatten Heritage Railway

Experience what travelling was like back in the early 1900s! Travel by steam locomotive, old-fashioned railcar, or vintage bus along one of Sweden’s most beautiful railroads, the Lenakatten Heritage railway. Amongst other attractions along the route, you can stop at the Jernvägscaféet (the Railroad Café) in Marielund or the August Värdshus pub in Almunge to grab a tasty bite to eat. A favorite with the kids!

Sunnersta Recreation Area

The Sunnersta Recreation Area offers hiking trails, lighted paths for nocturnal treks, and mountain bike routes. In the winter there are also slopes for sledding and skiing, complete with a ski lift. Bring your own provisions and cook in the fire pits that are located throughout the park, or warm up at Sunnerstastugan. The area is beautifully situated along the river Fyris.

Fullerö Backar (Fullerö Hills)

At Fullerö Backar (Fullerö Hills), you can enjoy the picturesque surroundings, the plains of the Uppland region, and the Fyrisån (the river Fyris) that flows by the park. Nearby is Fullerö Handel, a store that offers a wide assortment of furniture, interior design and Swedish ceramics. When you’re done with your shopping, you can enjoy a coffee break or other refreshments, either inside at Café Villan or outside in the charming garden.


Fjärdhundraland, or the land in between the big cities, as it’s also called. The countryside area between Uppland’s big cities are filled with bike roads, farm shops, nature reserves, cafés, second hand stores and much more – all within an hour from central Uppsala.