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15 Instagram-friendly places in Uppsala

Do you love to document your travel on social media? Uppsala is teeming with Insta Moments that make your followers go crazy with the like button. In the following 15 places, we can promise that your mobile camera will heat up.

Fasadmålning Pelle & Maja  på Påvel Snickares gränd i Uppsala

Peter-No-Tail mural

Påvel Snickares alley is not a street you go to willingly. Until now. On one of the alley walls, a giant painting of the graffiti artist Charlie Granberg, depicting Uppsala’s celebrity couple number one: Peter-No-Tail and Maja Gräddnos. High wow factor!


The girl in Smedsgränd

From one mural to another. However, a warning flag should be raised that this can give the viewer the creeps. At a garage door in the city, the girl stares out at anyone who tries to capture her in a picture. The artist is Lina Nääs. Behind the initiative are the real estate company Vasakronan and the cultural creator Ali Davoodi. #ArtMadeThis

vinter botaniska trädgården

The view of Botan from the palace courtyard

Finished taking pictures of Uppsala Castle from the courtyard? Turn around. Voila! Now you are probably in front of Uppsala’s most photographed view: the Botanical Garden in all its glory! No filter is needed here.


The old square oozes history

Another classic Uppsala postcard. The cathedral bridge, the Uppland Museum and the Cathedral – all in the same frame.


The corner at Gustavianum - the anatomical theatre

Take the opportunity to swing past one of Uppsala’s oldest buildings, Gustavianum. When the sun bounces against the anatomical theatre on the roof, image perfection of the high school arises.


Peter-No-Tail cat crossing

Did you think that only people had pedestrian crossings? What if! In Peter-No-Tails’s hometown, of course, we also have an Abbey Road for cats. Available at Carolina Rediviva.

DUA04973-4 (2)

Photo-friendly Carolina Park

Behind Carolina Rediviva is Carolina Park. A park filled with Instagram-friendly motifs: the Karl XIV Johan bust, the beautiful avenue and perhaps the country’s finest playground with Pelle Svanslös and his friends.



Next to the classic restaurant Domtrappkällaren is, as the name suggests, a staircase leading to Uppsala Cathedral. Atmospheric was the word!


Uppsala's own miniature music café

Alvar & Sagas is the bakery that never sleeps! Pay attention when you pass the corner between Östra Ågatan and Smedsgränd. Prepare yourself for a sweet shock.


Floored by the cathedral's gothic surroundings

Did you know that Uppsala Cathedral is the largest cathedral in the Nordic countries? In other words, you do not have to go to Italy to experience a church of the highest international standard. As impressive on the outside as on the inside. The chandeliers, the Gothic chapel, the organs, the pulpit, the treasury, Gustav Vasa’s grave – choose your dream motif!


Fotograf: Charlotta Costanzo

See the whole of Uppsala from the castle's roof

Booked a roof walk at Uppsala Castle? Fun, bring your camera! Few other vantage points in the city provide such incredible views of the entire city skyline.


Fotograf: Charlotta Costanzo

Reflect in the fountain in front of Biotopia

Vasaparken is an oasis in the middle of the city. Rig the camera in front of the fountain, so that the Biotopia Museum reflects the water, and fire. Then turn the camera lens towards the fascinating Vasa House.


Capture the cathedral from Gotlandsparken

Which location offers the best angle to really capture the whole cathedral on camera? We’d say the vantage point provided by Uppsala’s most central park, Gotlandsparken. Ridiculously beautifully located along the Fyris river and Östra Ågatan.


Stop by at Järnbron

Oh, by the way, we change our minds. It is probably the view at the newly painted Järnbron (connecting S: t Johannesgatan and Linnégatan) that best captures Uppsala’s soul.


Magnificent views at the University House

Do you want to take another picture? Get to the foot of the University House and make the most of the magnificent views of the cathedral, Gustavianum and the University Park.