Roof walk at Uppsala Castle

Roof walk at Uppsala Castle

Uppsala's Best View?

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Rooftop walking as a concept has long existed in various forms. People have walked on bridges and large sports facilities, old houses and other exciting places. But this is the first time you have been able to walk on the roof of a large castle. And not just any castle but the world’s largest pink castle!

Climb up the tower’s incomparable dome via the beautiful staircase. In the tower room you can admire the metre-thick castle walls and the cool trusses of heavy beams from the middle of the 18th century. Here you put on the personal equipment that ensures that you are secured during the entire tour on the roof, and get a safety briefing from the guide. After completing the test track indoors, it’s time to go out on the roof on top of Uppsala Castle. With exciting elements of Uppsala’s history and all the castle’s secrets, you will be guided through the tour!

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Drottning Christinas väg 1E
75237 Uppsala

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