Parks and gardens

Parks and gardens in Uppsala

There are many fine parks and gardens worth a visit in Uppsala and the surrounding area.


Stroll along the delightful Årummet, experience the magnificent baroque garden or enjoy a picnic in the shade of centuries-old trees in one of all the many parks. In Uppsala there’s something for everyone regardless of whether you want to explore plants, admire the architecture of the parks or learn more about the history of gardens. So take the opportunity to smell the flowers, discover unusual plants or just relax.

Visit Carl Linnaeus´ homes and gardens

Carl Linnaeus, the Flower King, studied, researched, taught and lived in Uppsala for almost 50 years. He is constantly present and enriches both the everyday lives of Uppsala’s residents and the tourists’ journeys of discovery through the unique legacy he left behind in our parks and gardens.

Visit the Linnaeus Garden or stroll along one of the eight Linnaeus Trails that offer joy of discovery, knowledge and exercise. Almost 350 of the species that Linnaeus put on show still exist along these trails over ridges, along fields and on riverbanks.