Linneaus Trails | Outdoor activities

Walk in the footsteps of Linnneaus


If you would like to spend a whole day in the spirit of Linnaeus, walk one of the eight Linnéstigarna trails, which offer you the joy of discovery, knowledge, exercise and recreation. Or bring out your hidden child: take your mobile phone with you and find the secret treasures. The Linnéstigarna give you the chance to use all your curiosity and your thirst for discovery.

Linnaeus’ eight walking trails, called herbations, are all waymarked. There are information boards along the Danmarksvandringen, Gottsundavandringen, Vaksalavandringen and Jumkilsvandringen trails. They give you advice and recommendations for feeling, smelling and seeing everything there is to experience in nature. You can choose whether to walk the trails in sections or walk all day.