Uppsala Convention Bureau

Professional Congress Organisers

Many who undertake to host a meeting do so in addition to their regular duties and may not have previous experience of being an organizer. Behind every successful meeting are hours of preparation and administration. A Professional Congress Organizer (PCO) has the expertise and experience to simplify your hosting.

A PCO takes you through all the steps in the planning work, implementation and follow-up. When you hire a PCO, nothing is left to chance. They can give you valuable advice and guidance on important financial, legal and technical issues and can relieve you in your hosting.

A PCO can help with, among other things:

  • Budget and financial management
  • Project management/project coordination
  • Local, hotel and travel bookings
  • Marketing
  • Registration and participant service
  • Abstract management
  • Exhibitor and sponsor management
  • Contact with lecturers
  • Secretariat on site
  • Social activities and accompanying programs