Uppsala Convention Bureau

Permits & safety for events

As organiser, you are responsible for ensuring that your event or meeting has all the necessary permits to go ahead.

The vast majority will be covered by a permit from the police and one from the land owners concerned, but in some cases, further permits are required.

Once you have applied and paid for your permit with the police and your application is completed with all the details required to assess it, it will be sent out to several entities. This will generally be Uppsala municipal Environmental Management Authority, land leasing and fire protection authorities.

As organiser, you must pay close attention to who owns the land you intend to use. If you are only using municipal land, you do not need to apply for further permits, but in all other cases, you must gain the land owner’s permission to use the land.

Additional permits you may need

Different types of arrangements need different types of permit. Is your event based on vehicles (e.g. bikes, cars) using public roads? Then you will need a permit from the County Administrative Board.

If you are serving alcohol and/or food, you will need permission from the Environmental Management Authority. Below is a collection of links to the most common permits that may be required for an event.

Worth noting:

  • In good time before the event, inform all local neighbours, residents, restaurateurs and retailers who will be affected
  • Ensure you have all land owner permits in writing in case of any dispute

Links & documents