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If you are reading this, you are probably looking for more inspiration on what you can do in Uppsala. Cool! Here we share other people’s stories about our charming city and their personal tips on what you absolutely must not miss when you visit Uppsala. Exciting experiences in the city and in the countryside, which suits you who travel alone, with children or with an adult travel companion.

“The charming town of Uppsala serves up a smorgasbord of high-quality restaurants that lends it a decidedly “big city” feel due to its sheer variety alone.”

Visit Sweden

“The university city of Uppsala is an easy train ride from Stockholm and it makes a great place for a day trip – especially if you fancy escaping the capital for a while and want to experience a more relaxed side to Swedish city life.”

Routes North

“Armed with an illustrious academic heritage and a spirit of innovation, Uppsala is celebrated internationally as an ideas incubator with the power to shape the future.”

Visit Sweden

“Uppsala und seine Umgebung bieten alles, von blühenden Wiesen, Hainen und tiefen Wäldern zur Erholung bis hin zu einer breiten Palette von Outdoor-Aktivitäten.“


“Seit ich an einer Hochschule Studierende rund ums Auslandssemester berate, möchte ich Uppsala unbedingt kennenlernen. Eine sehr junge, internationale und grüne Stadt – perfekt für einen Städtetrip mit Teenager!”



“Pay (it´s free!) a visit to the old viking graves in Old Uppsala. There´s also a museum and a cool app that tells you everything you need to know about the history of the place.”

World by Tina


“One of the most popular Swedish destinations outside of Stockholm is Uppsala, home to several outstanding architectural landmarks dating back to the city’s 15th-century genesis. A bustling coastal city a 40-minute train ride north of Stockholm, it’s one of the most common day-excursions for visitors to the more famous capital – and it’s easy to see why.”

Travel Mag

“Uppsala had made a lovely day excursion from Stockholm and we very much enjoyed our visit. It has its own charm and being much smaller than the capital, many of its points of interest can be accessed on foot. ”

Love Travelling Blog

“You will find more bikes here per person than in Stockholm, given how many students are in this city and how close things are to one another. Rent one and head up to Gamla Uppsala to see the Royal Mounds of Uppsala, which, according to folklore, rest the Nordic gods, Thor, Oden and Freyr. This is ideal for a picnic and some peace and quiet away from the city center.”

Chris, eCKsplorer

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