Local ingredients, artisanal traditions, and atmospheric locations

Unique Christmas foods and restaurants in Uppsala.

Discover Uppsala’s Christmas buffets at some of the city’s most iconic places. From homely tradition at Villa Anna to national romantic atmosphere at Odinsborg. Modern Christmas vibes at Frans Bistro and historical charm at Domtrappkällaren. Experience Christmas like never before, both in the heart of the city and out in the countryside amidst beautiful winter settings.

Fine Culinary Art and Homely Atmosphere at Villa Anna

At Villa Anna, the Christmas buffet is a tradition. Experience the Christmas spirit in an atmosphere that exudes a “homey feeling” and enjoy fine culinary art. The best ingredients and classic artisanal methods are used here to create an authentic Christmas buffet. Each taste experience is carefully crafted to balance tradition and modern culinary art. Some surprising elements will undoubtedly lead to delightful conversations at the tables. The Christmas buffet at Villa Anna is a familial experience and guarantees a prolonged sitting. Christmas begins with the year’s specially spiced mulled wine served at the tables, with flavors of apple, cinnamon, and sweet woodruff. That alone deserves a visit!

Villa Anna under vintertid

Beautiful Villa Anna adorned in winter attire.

National Romanticism at Historical Odinsborg

Within the sturdy wooden walls of Odinsborg, where the spirit of national romanticism permeates every corner, visitors encounter atmospheric Christmas buffet experiences. This iconic Christmas buffet location, steeped in the glow of history and located in the shadow of the Viking mounds in Old Uppsala, carries a long tradition of serving all yearning for some delicious christmas comfort food over many decades. A place where every taste and scent merges with historical heritage, creating a magical atmosphere that captures the heart of Christmas.


You’ll find perhaps Uppsala’s most historically iconic Christmas buffet at Odinsborg.

Frans Bistro & Bar

Frans Bistro & Bar, located on Dragarbrunnsgatan, is spin off of Villa Anna – a modern bistro with influences from around the world that has quickly become a popular spot for Uppsala’s food enthusiasts. Here, tradition and craftsmanship in cooking are combined with carefully selected ingredients. Spend time, savor the food, and create the perfect Christmas feeling.


Many of Uppsala’s most appreciated Christmas buffets have their own touch on their holiday specialties.

Historical Echoes at the Illustrious Domtrappkällaren

Domtrappkällaren, situated in Uppsala’s most historical quarter, offers a unique environment where medieval city walls meet 17th-century cross vaults and Gustav Vasa’s old lecture halls from the 18th century. A lavish Christmas buffet is laid out here, in the midst of this historical atmosphere. Whether the perspective stems from the world of food experiences or Swedish architectural history, you will experience something unique at Domtrappkällaren.

Krusenbergs Herrrgård

Krusenbergs Manor, located outside Uppsala, offers magical Christmas vibes.

Apple Mulled Wine at Krusenbergs Manor

Krusenbergs Manor beautifully situated just outside Uppsala, is a perfect excursion for those seeking activity, beautiful hotel rooms, relaxation, and a memorable dining experience. In December, the classic Christmas buffet is served at the manor. The evening begins fittingly with the manor’s own apple mulled wine from the summer harvest, followed by a visit to the impressive Christmas buffet that includes all Christmas favorites, both cold and hot. Finally, a generous dessert table with sweets awaits.

Christmas in Uppsala