Art and performance in Uppsala

Autumn Art Exhibitions

Welcome to your guide to the autumn art experiences and cultural events in Uppsala 2023. Here, we have gathered some of the art exhibitions, artistic performances, and cultural activities that will brighten the autumn season. Whether you are a passionate art connoisseur, a culture enthusiast, or just curious to explore the world of art, Uppsala will offer something to enrich your autumn.

Uppsala konstmuseum, September 2nd – November 26th

Landscaping - The Encounter Between Human and Nature

Throughout history, humanity has actively shaped and reshaped its environment, striving to transform the wilderness into a cultivated and organized nature. In the exhibition ‘Landscaping,’ you have the opportunity to delve into various interpretations of nature through different thematic perspectives. Several artists have contributed their representations of landscapes and the interaction between humans and nature, with works ranging from the 16th century to the present day.

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Bror Hjorths Hus. September 9th – October 15th

Jonathan Josefsson - OLLIO

Under the alias OLLIO, Jonathan Josefsson has explored vast spaces both in Sweden and around the world, fascinated by the temporary nature of paintings and the space they occupy. His artistic expression has continuously evolved through experiments with new materials and techniques. Josefsson has also created tufted rugs. These rugs, like his paintings, are characterized by vibrant organic forms. In the exhibition ‘Eternal Search,’ textile works and painting are brought together, and in addition, OLLIO will create a painting directly on the wall in the museum’s art hall.

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Uppsala konstmuseum, September 9th – October 8th

Sara Ekholm Eriksson - Ängeln & Valen (the Angel & the Whale")

Through sculptures and installations, artist Sara Ekholm Eriksson represents the changing processes and metamorphoses of nature. She sculptures in limestone, a material that once was shaped at the bottom of the sea. Fossils are refined into opals and glass turns into melting ice that drips and creates puddles.

The exhibition is a kind of microcosm, a concentration of the site’s geological layers and spiritual worlds. It is situated at the point of tension between two magnitudes or perspectives on the world—the spiritual and the scientific.

In The Angel & the Whale, the story of a whale vertebra is in the centre. When it was found at Gräsö in the 1840s people believed to be a giants’ bone, kept in the Church and a proof that the teaching of the Flood was true

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Köttinspektionen, September 23th – October 8th

BEING – ME - Katarina Sundkvist Zohari

This exhibition presents an exploration through sculpture and etching. Sundkvist Zohari takes her own inner reflections and reactions to world events as her starting point and guides us through a narrative where each element is connected to the idea of ‘system collapse.’ Why can’t humanity agree? Reach agreements? Come together?

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Bror Hjorths Hus, October 21st – November 26th

Hertha Hanson - Återkomst ("Return")

The Bror Hjorth Foundation’s drawing scholarship recipient from 2008 returns to showcase what she’s currently working on. Hertha Hanson was born in 1980 in Lund and educated at the Malmö Art Academy. Over the past ten years, she has been working on large abstract paintings.

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Hospitalparken, October 5th – 17th

Träden de tala ("Talking Trees")

This entire exhibition project has its roots in the trees of Hospitalets Park. Several of these trees are exceptional due to their size and rarity and can only be found here on site. The artists have each chosen a tree as a starting point for their artistic expressions, which may include performance, sculpture, video, painting, or other art forms.

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Bror Hjorths Hus. December 2nd - January 28th

Lars Tunbjörk

The photographer Lars Tunbjörk (1956-2015) possessed a unique ability to view Sweden in a way few others could. Through his sharp and ironic photographic eye, but also with tenderness in his work, he shed light on the country from a peripheral perspective. From his hometown of Borås, Lars Tunbjörk’s successful career spread worldwide. His distinctive way of seeing the world became so influential that the term ‘tunbjörkare’ was even coined to describe a specific photographic genre. His work constituted a fascinating narrative, documentation, and outstanding art.

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