Hotspots for the music lover

Concert venues in Uppsala for all music buffs

Music is life. Anyone who craves high-class musical performances can head to one of the many concert venues in Uppsala. More or less every night of the week, you can enjoy sweet tones performed by local musicians or visiting international stars.

konsert uppsala

Katalin And All That Jazz (and more)

Katalin And All That Jazz justifies its name, the jazz and blues nights are still mandatory elements in the pub section while established artists from all genres do gigs on the big stage in the beautiful old warehouse. The rustic and charming environment is also perfect for those who just want to eat a quick meal or have a beer with friends. You find this classic concert gem right by the central train station.

It has become more or less a standing summer tradition that the Botanical Garden welcomes world-renowned artists.


World-class acts at Uppsala Konsert & Kongress

With its award-winning exterior, Uppsala Konsert & Kongress (UKK) is a unique meeting place for all forms of cultural expressions. A constantly bubbling art house of 14,600 square meters and five stages where diversity and creativity are key values. The program consists of both narrow and broad acts, Swedish and international.

Already booked your concert tickets? Great! Make it a full evening by starting with dinner at Katalin and then walk the short bit to Vaksala square where the UKK building towers to the sky. Travel in the long escalator to the upper floor, order something in the bar and be amazed by the incredible view of the city center, before it is time to take a seat in the large concert hall.

Hijazz lives on

For about ten years, between 2006 and 2016, Bistro Hijazz was a paradise in the old station house for hardcore music lovers. The tears were many when owner Celal Alparslan’s announced that Hijazz finally had to close its doors. Fortunately, the club has now resurrected at Östra Ågatan 93! Walk alongside the Fyris river from the city center in the south direction, you will soon stumble upon the iconic Hijazz sign. Hijazz Club continues where its predecessor ended – with fantastic live music, clubs, meetings as well as exquisite Turkish food and drinks.

Magical summer evenings at Parksnäckan

Welcome to Uppsala’s coziest concert venue. Parksnäckan’s beautiful stage, located in the middle of the City Garden, is surrounded by fairy greenery, lovely walking paths by the river Fyris and a public dance area. Swedish giants like Weeping Willows, Good Morning Blues and Bo Kaspers Orchestra are among the summer regulars. After all, life does not get much better than when that perfect Swedish summer evening reconcile with your favorite band’s best songs.

konsert uppsala

International stars at the Botanical Garden

During the summer, Uppsala’s music scene switches up a notch. It has become more or less a standing summer tradition that the Botanical Garden welcomes world-renowned artists. It’s not hard to understand why megastars like Elton John, Patti Smith and Tom Jones have been attracted to play at “Botan”. A Botanical Garden in full bloom, packed with picnic blankets and happy people is a fantastic sight.

Listen to the stars of tomorrow

To get a glimpse of an artist before they get signed and hit it big can be a marvellous thing. At Kulturhuset Femman, the notion of “independent” is not just a name of a music genre. KF is a free and non-profit culture house in the industrial area of ​​Boländerna which provides an accessible arena for music, art and other forms of expressions.

Concerts at Fyrishov, IFU Arena and KAP

IFU Arena and Fyrishov are arenas primarily intended to house sports events, but also hosts various musical events, for example the local institution Uppsala Reggae Festival. The same goes for the enormous event field KAP, which is situated just past the football stadium Studenternas IP, that occasionally arranges notable gigs during the summer period.