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Valborg in Uppsala

New Orleans celebrates Mardi Gras. Rio has its carnival. Uppsala has Valborg, also known in English as Walpurgis. The last of April is a festive day for everyone – students, residents, visitors and families alike. 

Uppsala’s Walpurgis celebration is known for its lively atmosphere. The city’s streets and parks are transformed into a party that takes over the entire cityscape. Many of the traditional events and activities that take place go hand in hand with the city’s rich student life, but Valborg is far from just a student affair.

Enjoy watching all the home-made rafts go down the falls of the river Fyris, shake your head at all the hundreds of people showering each other in sparkling wine in “Champagnegaloppen” (The Champagne Galopp) or welcome spring by waving your graduation hat along with thousands of others at Carolinabacken.

If you have to choose a day to visit Uppsala during the year – choose Valborg.

Event Details

When: 30th April
Where: All of Uppsala
Organizer: Several organizers

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