Christmas in Uppsala

Pop up Choir Concerts in Uppsala 2023

In December, several choirs will make appearances in Uppsala city for delightful pop-up concerts. Even if you don’t have the time or opportunity to attend a full Christmas concert, you’ll still be able to get into the holiday spirit!

From 19th-century church and academic choirs, to modern jazz choirs. The tradition of choirs and choral music in Uppsala stretches back through the centuries into modern day Uppsala. And, with all due respect to Wham and Mariah Carey, when it comes to creating a Christmas atmosphere through music, choral music and carols are truly unbeatable.

During the month of December, you have the chance to take a break from your Christmas shopping when some of Uppsala’s best choirs stop by the city center to give a series of pop-up concerts. Why not take the opportunity to grab a warm drink from a nearby café before listening to the music? Each concert is approximately 15 minutes long.

When and where?

Weekends: December 2-3, December 9-10, and December 16-17

  • 2:00 PM at Celsiustorget
  • 2:30 PM at Dragarbrunnstorg
  • 3:00 PM at Kungsängsgatan 10
  • 3:30 PM at Stora torget

Weekdays: December 1, December 5-6, December 12-15, and December 19

  • 5:00 PM at Kungsängsgatan 10
  • 5:30 PM at Dragarbrunnstorg
  • 6:00 PM at Celsiustorget
  • 6:30 PM at Stora torget

The participating choirs are: Sönerna, Gotlands nations kör, Östgöta nations kör, Gästrike Hälsinge Nationskör, Udk Discordia, Canorus, Ekebykören, and Örontröst.

Did you know that...

…one of the world’s foremost male choirs was founded in the midst of a raging epidemic in Uppsala? In 1853, during a cholera outbreak when Uppsala was isolated due to the risk of infection, some bored students gathered in a banquet hall on Gamla Torget to alleviate the boredom with song and music – laying the foundation for the famous choir Orphei Drängar.