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Apples, tempered copper, malachite, leaves… there is a lot that is green.

But green is not just a color, but is also associated with calmness, freshness and lack of experience as well as ecology, clear signal and vegetation. In this summer’s collective exhibition at Kaleido, we will see a variety of interpretations on the theme Green is nice. There is jewelry, paintings, furniture, shawls, pots and sculptures in metal, wood, ceramics, textiles etc. Also expect an ecologically degradable burial urn!

Camilla Holewa (ceramics)
Ebba Lundell (ceramics),
Elisabet Berg (recycling/beer can plate)
Enny Sundell (silver)
Jenny Edlund (silver),
Kerstin Thern Larsson (ceramics)
Marianne Waldenström (silver),
Pia Ulfendahl (ceramics)
Pontus Hittenkofer (ceramics),
Sara Hjelmstedt (papier mache)
Stefan Forsberg (wood)
Susanna Hepp (textiles)

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When: June 15 – Aug 17 2024
Where: Kaleido Google Maps>
Organizer: Kaleido

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