Exhibition: Flower dresses

During one week this summer, you can experience five beautiful dresses created entirely from the world of flora, with dried flowers and colorful cut flowers. Four of the dresses are located on the stairs at Linneanum in the Botanical Garden below Uppsala Castle. The fifth and last dress you can see in the Linnaeus Garden.

The exhibition of the flower dresses takes us to a time long ago, beyond time and space. They bring us into the world of fairy tales and the magic of nature. They connect to the flower king Carl Linnaeus’ life and his legacy to the world that you can experience here in the gardens in Uppsala. Each dress is inspired by characters from well-known fairy tales and stories and those who are looking can find several of the flowers in Uppsala’s gardens.

The dresses are created by Marie Falestam at Humlebo Inredning & trädgård.


Stairs at Linneanum in the Botanical Garden below Uppsala Castle and in the Linnaeus Garden


July 29th–August 6th 2022


Open to the public

Botanical Garden: no entrance fee

Linnaeus Garden: see ticket prices here. The entrance fee includes the entrance fee to the Linnaeus Museum. Fri entrance after 17.00. For some clubs, societies and associations, a reduced entrance fee applies, see which ones here.