The Royal Mounds

During the Iron Age, there was a rich and well-developed community around Uppsala mounds. There was a royal estate here and the Swedes gathered to worship their gods. The place retained its significance as a religious centre long after Sweden became Christianized. Today it is a popular destination both for outdoor activities but above all to learn more about the Vikings and their ancestors.

Resting place for Thor, Odin, and Freyr?

For a long time, the myth lived that the mounds in Uppsala contained the remains of ancient pagan gods. Others thought the mounds were natural hills. In the summer of 1846, the National Heritage Board led the work with the archaeological excavation of “Odin’s mound” or Östhögen as it is now called. The excavation showed that the mound was indeed a tomb. Although there were no grand finds: some burnt bones and fragments of grave offerings. In 1874, Västhögen was excavated – which was then called Frös hög – and there was also a fire pit there.

Wander the Viking Age

Old Uppsala mounds are a perfect excursion destination for those who enjoy beautiful nature and exciting history. Adjacent to the mounds is also the Old Uppsala Museum, where you can experience exciting exhibitions and tours, as well as try out Virtual Reality and step into the Viking village that was on the site with your own eyes.

Would you rather test Augmented Reality? With the Augumented History: Old Uppsala app, you can wander around the Old Uppsala of the Viking Age, collect archaeological finds and take on exciting challenges. Your smartphone is a time machine!

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Eat like a (modern) Viking at Odinsborg

Odinsborg restaurant and café is housed in a charming wooden building in Old Norse style, next to the famous Kungshögarna in Old Uppsala. Everything from meatballs with lingonberry jam and crispy waffles to home-brewed mead in Viking horn sails is served here.

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