Café and Bakery

Situated in an old building listed as an historic landmark, Ofvandahls on Sysslomansgatan is a classic café dating back to 1878. For a long time, the bakery was a purveyor to the Swedish royalty. In the well-preserved, turn-of-the-century setting, you will find portraits painted about a hundred years ago. Here, people such as Hjalmar Bergman and Karin Boye drank their coffee, while Gustaf Fröding, Prince Eugen and Gunnar Wennerberg pondered the meaning of life while sitting on the plush-covered sofas.

There is a wide assortment of baked products on offer and genuine, classic pastries are interwoven with modern sandwiches and baked goods.


Conference facilities:
Maximum capacity in restaurant (130)

Disabled persons:
Access- reduced mobility/wheelchairs
Disabled parking
Toilet for disabled persons

Map & Contact


Sysslomansgatan 5
753 23 Uppsala


+46 18 13 42 04