High-altitude Courses

Walk among the treetops

Challenge yourself and test your courage on one of Uppsala’s high-altitude courses. It is a perfect activity for families and groups who like adventure. In Uppsala, there is a high-altitude course in Alnäs and an adventure course in Fjällnora.

Adventure Course in Fjällnora

Go Adventure

GoAdventure offers an awesome nature experience among the treetops in Fjällnora’s fantastic forest. The adventure course is built as a circuit with different stations where you use cable cars, nets and suspension bridges to take you to the next platform. The adventure course has two levels and is therefore suitable for most people who are curious about an adventure. Well-trained guides will help you complete the course in a safe and secure way.

Fjällnora 35, 755 97 Uppsala

KFUM Alnäs

High-altitude Course

KFUM Alnäs offers a challenge beyond the ordinary. The high-altitude course is located up in the treetops at a height of 5-12 metres. Here you can test your limits together with safe and well-trained staff.

Mälarvägen 14, 756 53 Uppsala

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