Concert Venues

Welcome to one of the country’s richest cultural cities! In Uppsala there are many music scenes where you can experience everything from local abilities to visiting world artists.


Parksnäckan is by far Uppsala’s most cosy concert venue and is located in the middle of Uppsala’s city garden. Parksnäckan has about 700 benches with backrests and, if necessary, another 300 chairs that can be set out. In addition, there are about 300 standing places. All venues have an unrivalled view because the stage is built like a crescent moon and the audience area is large in width. This means that you can get very close to the performer regardless of where you sit.

Stadsträdgården, 753 09 Uppsala

Katalin And All That Jazz

Katalin And All That Jazz is located in the remodeled freight warehouse at Östra Station, near Uppsala resecentrum (Uppsala Travel Center). Over the years, Katalin has become a popular stage for both foreign and Swedish artists and many music experiences have been created here. The menu is simple, but painstakingly prepared. Katalin’s fish soup is a great start to a quiet evening hanging out at the bar listening to relaxing music.

Roslagsgatan 1, 753 27 Uppsala

Uppsala Konsert & Kongress

Uppsala Konsert & Kongress is a modern, multifunctional space characterized by its first class design and acoustics. The building, inaugurated in 2007, is one of the latest additions to the historic Uppsala skyline, dominated for centuries by by the twin spires of Uppsala Cathedral and the imposing Uppsala Castle. Joining together the historical part of town with the new vibrant city center, the concert and congress venue is virtually unmissable as it stands eight floors tall by the Vaksala Torg market square – just a few minutes walk from the central station. With a flexible floor plan covering 14 600 square metres, it is the ideal arena for concerts, large conventions, private parties, events and meetings.

The in-house restaurant proudly carries the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, setting up tough criteria for quality, sustainability and health standards. Here you can enjoy a daily lunch menu including vegan options, and delicious meals in connection with concerts and during conferences. In the warmer months, the restaurant opens up with a sunny outdoor area. All in all, the restaurant is capable of serving 850 hot meals at one time.

The building is worth a visit in itself, with its prominent architecture and unique panoramic Uppsala views. The design was made by renowned Henning Larsen Architects, who has also given us international landmarks such as the Royal Danish Opera in Copenhagen and Reykjavík’s Harpa. On the five stages inside, around 300 cultural events are produced yearly – from classical music to pop, comedy, dance and children’s theatre. An auxiliary Friends of the Concert Hall membership organization provides financial support for the stage programming and helps stimulate the local music scene by giving out yearly scholarships to promising young musicians.

Vaksala torg 1, 753 31 Uppsala