Cinemas in Uppsala

Watching a movie at the cinema is a special experience. Sit back and enjoy entertaining movies at one of Uppsala’s cinemas.

Fyrisbiografen Cinema

Fyrisbiografen opened in 1911 and is one of Sweden’s oldest cinemas. It differed from the “norm” from an early point by showing high-quality artistic European films. Today Fyrisbiografen remains a unique venue that contributes to Uppsala’s reputation as a cultural city. It shows the latest and foremost films from around the world – for all ages. The films often deal with life’s big issues and provoke both discussion and involvement.

The cinema has showings every evening and at weekends. It also hosts regular film festivals, talks with directors and special showings.

S:t Olofsgatan 10, 753 12 Uppsala

Filmstaden Cinema

The cinemas Filmstaden and Spegeln provide exciting conference possibilities in the heart of Uppsala. One or more of the rooms can be specially adapted to the character of your meeting or the number of participants. In the cinema rooms, you can sit in comfy chairs and present your message in a large format. In the lobby, refreshments, presentations and exhibitions can be arranged.

Västra Ågatan 16, 751 49 Uppsala

Dragarbrunnsgatan 44, 753 20 Uppsala

4DX Nordisk Film Bio

Wind in the hair and the chairs that shake, jump and sway. Fog, the smell of burnt rubber and snow falling from the roof. It does not sound like a classic cinema visit – but now it’s a reality when Sweden’s first 4DX salon opens at Nordisk Film Bio Uppsala. With 19 different effects, 4DX offers a completely new and unique way of watching movies in cinemas. Experience fast-paced action, exciting horror and fantastic family movies with all your senses! The other 4 auditoriums are also very special, with luxurious recliners in all auditoriums, and with the very latest technology for sound and image. Uppsala has got Sweden’s most modern and luxurious cinema – without it costing more than a regular cinema visit.

Marknadsgatan 1, 754 60 Uppsala